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  1. Gypsy earrings you say? Ok I really need to make some time for this event. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! <3
  2. Great selection. I LOVE the LWL spring collection!
  3. For fashion mainly, yes. But I like to use a variety of locations as a backdrop for my shoots. So anything really. I'd love to explore a quality build with rich textures. A place that photographs really well. Any suggestions or favs?
  4. Other than photography, my other love in SL is actually exploring and location scouting. I used to use the destination guide and inworld search to find a lot of places, which I sometimes still do because I find that it is the fastest method. However, I also have a few favorite websites that I refer to which I highlighted in my Exploring Second Life blog post a few months back. Do you ever go location scouting? How do you discover new places to explore inworld? What's one of your favorite places that you have recently discovered? My recent favorite actually kind of fell in my lap. I was approached by Virtual Asia, a very interesting community sim. I love the city feel it has, it makes for great pics. This is a quick raw snapshot I took while I was exploring one day. You can read more about Virtual Asia in my blog post.
  5. ooohhh mesh jewelry? I haven't seen a lot of that. Thank you Marianne, will definitely be checking out Maxi!
  6. I'm always looking for fun creative accessories to completely my look, especially when I'm styling for a blog post. I was curious, what are your favorite places to shop for jewelry? I myself have a quite a few favs that I always turn to: Zaara, je suis, Donna Flora, LaGyo, Kungler's and more... However, I recently discovered one that I am quite loving, it's Undefined Lilies by Liliana Barrs. She has an adorable selection of necklaces, earrings and other trinkets. You can check it out on the marketplace here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/57775 So what are your fav stores?
  7. I love Body Co myself and I haven't had the chance to try Paper Couture as of yet. That picture is totally tempting me!
  8. What skins have you not tried or noticed before but have really blown you away recently? Mine is Pink Fuel. I had heard of the store but lack of time and distractions had always prevented me from going to check out the skins or pick up a demo. Then finally in June I made some time to go try it out and I fell in love!  Pink Fuel on marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/20845
  9. Role was such a fantastic mag! And I miss Second Style so much. Currently my fav is Avenue!
  10. LOL so funny you brought this up because so many times now I have attempted to find clothing in RL because of SL. I want me SLink thigh-high boots in RL!
  11. Yeah I'm a lingerieholic! LOL I have a lingerie category on my blog here: http://strawberrysingh.com/category/lingerie/ and here's a pic of one of my favs from Zaara: http://www.flickr.com/photos/strawberrysingh/4130857373/in/set-72157607027605591/
  12. Some of my most favorite lingerie is from: Zaara Dutch Touch Trashy Girls in Style Insolence 5th & Oxford Whippet & Buck There's more but I can't remember their names. I might come back later when I login world and check my lingerie folder.
  13. Mesh to me has been an amazing addition to my SL. I have done a few posts and pictures with mesh items on my blog already. Some of my favorites have been the gown from Rebel Hope and those incredibly sexy thigh-high boots from SLink. There are some things about Mesh that I wish were different/better, such as the ability to modify it to fit our own shapes, rather than modifying our shapes to make it fit. I know some people were very apprehensive about the introduction of mesh and are still feeling somewhat alienated by it. What are your thoughts on Mesh? How do you feel about it? 
  14. Great post Thereaver and fantastic pictures! I love the way you described SL as a a little old toy chest. I actually feel the same way about it, every single time I press that login button!
  15. Tuesday, some of my most favorite dark skins are from Dutch Touch, PXL The Body Co., and Glam Affair. And if you are looking for braids, I always go to Discord Designs for those, I love love love her braids! Colleen, I would imagine she looks a lot like you, beautiful and chocolatey. <3 Mahadia, I totally agree with you! I think more and more designers are creating better quality ethnic wear on a daily basis. Sasy, thank you! <3 Prokofy, I actually have heard of Shekhawati and been there before. I need to go by there more often, it's a great indian community there. Thank you for sharing the International Bazaar slurl, I'll drop by and take a look soon!
  16. I don't know if SL has really helped me with my RL work, but it has helped me grow as a person and even given me more confidence in myself. I think what I do in RL has actually helped me in SL, for example the tutorials and such I have created.
  17. I actually love very classy looking lingerie and it has to be really well done. Lingerie can be tricky to make because of the avatar mesh in certain areas the textures can really bleed badly. So finding good quality, classy and I also love a bit of color is like winning the lottery for me. I think lingerie is one of my most fav items to wear, especially in pics!
  18. Yes Eve and Whimsy, my sentiments exactly! Eve I don't think I could have phrased it any better than you did! LOL
  19. Oh I had a horrendous time trying to figure out movement as well. Lucky for me I had people to help me out and guide me pretty much right away.
  20. I don't have an issue with it, as long as they get creative with it and give it their own unique flair. I know this is a touchy topic for some, but I'd love to see what everyone's thoughts are on it. 
  21. Do you dress your av the same way? Did you make your av look like you? My av is kind of similar to me, but I think a lot prettier. :P I do tend to stick with the darkers skins and darker hair like I have in RL. How about you?
  22. Mine was fitting prims (eyelashes, skirts, etc....) It took me FOREVER to learn how to do it and in fact I think for the whole first year I totally avoided it and would walked around with badly fitted prims without a care. *facepalms*
  23. Hi Ariella, I let Zaara know of what you are requesting and after looking at this picture she says that in order for you to get a good flow in your machinima this outfit would be best made in mesh, which Zaara is still learning and would not able to do for you at the moment. What she CAN do for you is use her current kurta set (which you can see at this link: http://zaarakohime.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/zaara-ethnic-kurta-sets) and recolor and base it on your design with shorter sleeves and a print like yours. However the pants will not be baggy and the dupatta will not flow as it does in your image. If this is something you are interested in, then please feel free to contact Zaara Kohime inworld to discuss it further. Thanks!
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