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  1. Since you guys were wondering, I thought I'd share a raw shot of the picture, with no photoshop:



    Also yes, those are the SLink mesh feet, all of my style credits to that image are available on my blog here:



    And I'm not always half naked, sometimes I wear more clothes. :D 

    Thanks to everyone for appreciating the pic! <3

  2. Thank you very much for starting this discussion here last year Torley. I thought I would come by and share my update post on this which I just did earlier today. 

    I'm asking for Digits once again, since I've changed my shape quite a bit because of mesh. Would love for y'all to share your digits again, if you're interested:


    What's Your Digits? - Take 2: The Mesh Revolution


  3. Flufee Valentine

    How do you feel about mesh avatars like Flufee here? Would you feel comfortable with wearing a mesh avatar that completely covers the regular customizable sl av and prevents you from being as unique as you'd like to be?

    With the onset of mesh there have been a number of mesh avatars hitting the grid and not all of them are just adorable like flufee. There was a gorgeous mesh doll from coco and I've seen mesh heads and other such things. As time goes by, do you feel all of us will revert over to using all mesh for our avs, not just clothing?

    I'm not sure I'm ready to join that inevitable bandwagon. I'm kind of attached to my shape/avatar. I can see myself donning it for some fun snaps and/or roleplaying but not sure if it would be a permanent thing, not anytime soon anyways.


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  4. For fashion mainly, yes. But I like to use a variety of locations as a backdrop for my shoots. So anything really. I'd love to explore a quality build with rich textures. A place that photographs really well. Any suggestions or favs?

  5. Other than photography, my other love in SL is actually exploring and location scouting. I used to use the destination guide and inworld search to find a lot of places, which I sometimes still do because I find that it is the fastest method. However, I also have a few favorite websites that I refer to which I highlighted in my Exploring Second Life blog post a few months back.

    Do you ever go location scouting? How do you discover new places to explore inworld? What's one of your favorite places that you have recently discovered?

    My recent favorite actually kind of fell in my lap. I was approached by Virtual Asia, a very interesting community sim. I love the city feel it has, it makes for great pics. This is a quick raw snapshot I took while I was exploring one day. You can read more about Virtual Asia in my blog post.

    Virtual Asia

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  6. I'm always looking for fun creative accessories to completely my look, especially when I'm styling for a blog post. I was curious, what are your favorite places to shop for jewelry?

    I myself have a quite a few favs that I always turn to: Zaara, je suis, Donna Flora, LaGyo, Kungler's and more...

    However, I recently discovered one that I am quite loving, it's Undefined Lilies by Liliana Barrs. She has an adorable selection of necklaces, earrings and other trinkets. You can check it out on the marketplace here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/57775

    So what are your fav stores?

  7. Mesh to me has been an amazing addition to my SL. I have done a few posts and pictures with mesh items on my blog already. Some of my favorites have been the gown from Rebel Hope and those incredibly sexy thigh-high boots from SLink.

    There are some things about Mesh that I wish were different/better, such as the ability to modify it to fit our own shapes, rather than modifying our shapes to make it fit.  

    I know some people were very apprehensive about the introduction of mesh and are still feeling somewhat alienated by it. What are your thoughts on Mesh? How do you feel about it? 

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