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  1. Tuesday, some of my most favorite dark skins are from Dutch Touch, PXL The Body Co., and Glam Affair. And if you are looking for braids, I always go to Discord Designs for those, I love love love her braids!


    Colleen, I would imagine she looks a lot like you, beautiful and chocolatey. <3 :P 


    Mahadia, I totally agree with you! I think more and more designers are creating better quality ethnic wear on a daily basis. 


    Sasy, thank you! <3 


    Prokofy, I actually have heard of Shekhawati and been there before. I need to go by there more often, it's a great indian community there.  Thank you for sharing the International Bazaar slurl, I'll drop by and take a look soon!






  2. Oh it is one of my biggest pet peeves when a designer does not offer lots of layers. I know now with viewer 2 and being able to add extra layers it's made things a lot easier. But some layers are made to look different. An undershirt layer will look different than a jacket layer, it will look tucked in and you just can't get that affect by doubling up. So glad you talked about this! Great post! <3

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