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  1. Thank you @Alma Palmira for filling out the survey, it means a lot! I didn't think collecting data from residents would be this hard. Especially when people fear to click on external links fearing scams.
  2. @animats Sadly, I need to include a survey in my thesis as well. As I mentioned, I am currently in the process of implementing the virtual environment into our educational process, actively engaging students. Maybe in a few years time I will greatly invite you to a successful educational institution, who knows
  3. Hello fellow residents, my name is Sandrika Broono and I am currently working on my dissertation thesis "The Incentives to Participate in Virtual Environment" targeting Second Life and its use for educational purposes. It's coming to an end and I would like to kindly ask you to help me with understanding the problematics of education in Second Life by filling out a short 11 question survey I prepared. Link is available here : https://www.survio.com/survey/d/sleducation You are welcomed to share the survey on Facebook, Twitter or in-world. Getting responses from wide range
  4. I am pretty mad.... I cant get online for 3 hours already and no more information on the grid about this issue!
  5. You are soooo cute my darlings :heart: Congratulatioooons !!!!!!! :heart:
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