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  1. Thanks for all your help... I've since found out that it is a problem and it's on the server side at linden labs. They gave me the same answers y'all did and even wanted me to try their viewer and nothing worked. I contacted Firestorm and they knew more than me and told me that's what the problem is because multiple firestorm users are having the same issue, not just me and my wife.
  2. It's not attached to the same point, because it takes off her head and body and clothes ao everything. and she's only taking off ONE thing from her inventory.
  3. When my wife goes to take off ONE thing... it takes EVERYTHING off. this has been an on going bug for some time and it's getting to the point where she doesn't want to be in sl anymore. this needs to be addressed!
  4. I even gave her money at one point and it STILL does it!
  5. I do that... when I log out and back in she's blocked again
  6. doesn't work for me! I blocked my wife's necklace and now when I relog SHE'S blocked because of it. I do what you're saying to do and the thing WON'T unblock!
  7. Okay, here's the deal... my ex sister is saying some slanderous statements about me in her profile. I've reported it TWICE and nothing has been done. I want this taken down like right now! It's affected my relationship with my wife and hurt my business. It's very hurtful the things she's posted about me and LL isn't doing the job I PAY them for yes I am a premium member of second life mainly for the extra groups but still... I pay for second life and this other person is ruining mine. LL I know y'all read these, DO SOMETHING!
  8. filing an abuse report DOESN'T work! I've done it this is the 2nd time I've filed one about something someone has in their profile about me. LL isn't responding to it at all. I want the person punished for saying such lies about me. it's even hurt my relationship with my wife. They're not doing anything about the slanderous crap this person wants to throw out there.
  9. My display name was reset for no reason. Fix it please!
  10. My laptop meets minimum requirements for running the program but it will not. It ran it fine when it was windows vista. I recently updated it to windows 7 and it keeps giving me an error message telling me my graphics driver is out of date and it's the most updated driver out I checked it with the intel site. PLEASE HELP ME!
  11. can someone make me a simple script for a cap. I just need it to resize and to be able to flip it so it can be worn backwards and forwards. Please help me. My attempts at scripiting have failed miserably. I'd really appreciate it!
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