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    A question about land

    Zerkmar.Zepp wrote: Oh, another thing: Can the "Region Name" be changed at will after having set this in the initial setup on the website order form? It can be changed after the fact, but each change will cost you $50 USD$ Also buying via the website is expensive, there are other ways to get private estate regions at much better prices. If you need details send me an IM in world.
  2. Mitzy Shino

    A question about land

    Dr.Dahlgren wrote: You can deed a sim to a group. You need to make the tier contribution yourself have the group members make enough tier contribution to pay the tier (295 USD) on the sim. You can easily transfrer back by simply setting the land for sale to yourself for $L0 and buying it. ____________________________________ Deeding a private island is a little different. You don't need to tick the tier contribution box because tier on a private estate is not paid to Linden Lab in the same way. Tier will be paid by the owner of the region, how (if) they collect tier from others is up to them. Also if you own the island you don't need to mess around buying back etc. You can just hit the reclaim land button.
  3. Tolya.Ugajin wrote: Within a sim, those prims can be reallocated to other parcels of land. So, if your neighbor has a 4,096 m2 plot, normally 937 prims, and only uses 500 of them, you may be able to work out a deal with your landlord where 300 of his extra prims are allocated to your land. Obviously, your neighbor would pay less rent and you more. How to do this is in the wiki. If your talking about using the prim bonus system (ie double prim land) then this is a really bad idea. The bonus system relies on the landlord retaining enough open space to allow it to work, If a sim was not designed from the start to have an object bonus system then throwing one in is going to cause problems. The object bonus system is sim wide, you can't use it to move prims from your neighbour to your plot, because you will both gain additional prims as will everyone on the sim. If it wasn't planned for this will mean that the total prims available could appear to be say 20,000, but in reality it's only 15,000. The end result is a sim with no spare prims, and very angry renters.
  4. Mitzy Shino

    Land Fee's

    It's $195 a month for a mainland region. Thats the total cost to you. (You can actually get another 10% more land for the same monthly cost if you do it the right way) If you want a private estate region then they are $295 month, unless you manager to buy a grandfathered private region (expensive) in which case it will cost you $195 a month in tier.
  5. The two I can think of are as somone said below, use a huge prim to "hide" it, not sure how effective it will be though, and it won't stop the lag caused by someone walking into the region from the other one. Also you might be able to get your drivers to lower their draw distance which would help, especially if the track is on the opposite side of the sim to the other region.
  6. There are no functions available that can do this like you want. You could kinda get the effect by restarting the sim, but it won't last long. Do you really need them side by side? if you go diagonal so they only touch on a corner they wont be able to see each other, but they will be next door. If you can give more detail I might be able to make suggestions as to the best possible solution and keeping them side by side, but right now there isn't enough to go on.
  7. only until he boots you from the sim and returns all your items.
  8. 6K? Yikes that is high, 12K for an entire homestead, per week? You can get a get an entire homestead to yourself for 7k if you look around.
  9. I base my calculations on 261/$1 + 3.5%, but it is rare I don't manage to get 259/$1. Do factor in that 259 can sometimes take a day or two to sell, at other times it can be a few hours. 260 nearly always sells in a few hours, if not quicker. The speed varies a lot depending on the day you sell, the time of the month, and which way the wind is blowing in Alaska at the time you place your order. If you can manage to keep enough US$ in your account to cover tier then aim at 259/$1 because you won't need to worry about the length of time it takes. (Think of it a bit like a till float in a shop) Also look at doing weekly or fortnightly tier payments and not monthly, you make more that way. eg $1,000 a week does not equal $4,000 a month. (it actually equals 1000 * 52 / 12 or $4,333 a month) It's not much more I know but as you grow your rentals it can start to add up (it's basically an extra month each year in tier payments to you without needing to pay LL that month)
  10. In that case I would simply remove her from my life....
  11. I recently had this argument with someone, either here on in the forums, I can't remember which. I still maintain it is against TOS, unless they tell you, and you agree to having it shared. It doesn't matter what is in their profile, many people do not read profiles (and reading a profile does not mean you accept what is stated in it) Just my 2 Lindens worth...
  12. Only way to know for sure is when you get the dreaded email, and if you weren't doing anything wrong then you won't get one. (They don't send you an email if they don't find you guilty)
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