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  1. Hello! Earlier today one of the sim admins in my sim "accidentally" returned my entire parcel build which I have been working on for 3 years and I can not restore it to it's last position due to "[14:22:13] Second Life: Cannot restore object. No world position found." I am at loss here.. what do I do now? :(
  2. I don't like this. 1) It will destroy the ability for me to check of one of my friens is online without having to log onto SL myself. Which saves me a BUNCH of time and makes me miss important people much less often! 2) Not being able to know what viewer the other person uses makes it a lot harder to know if certain people are able to actually SEE changes in world (lightning concepts, the ability to use the new rendering methods etc) which makes it a hassle for me as content creator and inworld builder to actually make things look good. Being able to see what majority of viewers are used helps me a LOT
  3. Sadly, the general design idea of the UI still makes me want to quit the very moment I log onto viewer2. Everything is so BADLY cluttered and obstructed.. and why WHY you you still force the sidebar on us... Yes. I know it sounds like I'm just randomly raging without trying to see beyond it, but... just... sorry I can't find many good things on V2.. at least too few which do not make me feel like I'm trapped in a box with not enough room to move my elbows The day LL stops supporting 3rd party viewers is the day my Second Life ends.
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