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  1. Same problem for me too. I also can not load the marketplace. The gridstatus page is updated, and work is ongoing to resolve the problem.
  2. A bit of late feedback... Thank you Charlar! I can now tp to any of the Mesh Sandboxes and HQs without problems. Problem solved!
  3. As DoNot says - We still get the same message. Both for the mesh sandboxes and for MeshHQ (any of them).
  4. I tried just now to tp to Mesh HQ 2 where, if the location in the wiki is correct, the mesh group meetings are held. Also for premium members only...
  5. No, updating the account will not make a difference. I will still be non-premium. And premium friends of mine could go to the mesh sandboxes yesterday without problems. It's just a bit baffeling why regions on the *beta/test/preview* grid are only for premium members. And even more so why *all* mesh sandboxes (well - all that are left) , that everybody who tried out mesh in the beta period used to go to, are for premium members only all of a sudden.
  6. I tried to log in to several of the mesh sandboxes on the preview grid yesterday. Having any of them as the log in location gave a 'Unable to connect to simulator' message. After setting the location to Ahern I managed to log in, but when I tried to tp to a mesh sandbox I got the message it was for premium members only!?!? :smileymad: Does anyone have clue why on earth you have to be premium to use a mesh sandbox on the preview grid? (I know the whole grid is mesh enabled, but I still prefer to use the mesh sandboxes.)
  7. I build Blender myself, and had the same issues when exporting from the latest builds of Blender. To get collada export to work for SL again, I had to download and export using one of the 2.58 versions available on Graphicall.org. This only applies to rigged meshes. Non-rigged meshes exports fine, and imports fine to SL, from any 2.59 version of Blender.
  8. Try the latest project viewer from here: http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/hg/repo/mesh-development/rev/240926/index.html
  9. JIRA SH-2374 is assigned to Vir Linden and Sprint 28 set as the fix version. Sounds good to me.
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