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  1. This is true for almost anyone Resolution: as high as your PC will handle then, use the snapshot tool with the Save to Disk option keep Aspect Ration checked and type in a value. the other will adapt to it See how high you can go without crashing - I go 6016x3227 because SL won't let me go higher. picture sizes here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Aspect_ratio#Textures
  2. If you like Art Deco, contact Melusina Parkin She has her own line of furniture and has done interior decorating in places like 1920's Berlin and Paris 1900, as well as other vintage places and art shows
  3. I would have to agree. I love mesh and am buying it, but it doesn't work for everything. While I'm used to changing my shape, most times my shape isn't even visible - the concept of alpha layer hides it. As a model I've spend long hours tuning my shape to make it the way I want. I appreciate designers who make several sizes - but you would think a mesh outfit would adapt to a mesh avatar. And the whole alpha bit is rather annoying especially if you have 2 mesh pieces worn. There are some issues, but I think it will be a new part of what we wear, not a replacement. So far I'm having fun with it !
  4. Welcome Kim! I would say that the reason I'm here is the ability to always change and find new things to do, and my friends. Without both of those, SL would be a dead world to me - like places where you can't easily create, or places whereI don't know anyoneeven though they may have superior potential and graphics. I am a model and photographer almost since i began in 2007and still finding and learnig new things to do and enjoy - and to SHARE with my friends. That's the X-Factor to me - something Facebook will never give me, nor a game on a CD with a fixed plot beginning to end. Hugs!
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