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  1. Hey, if anyone can help me with this I'll be forever grateful and tell everyone I know how cool u are. PROBLEM: * a few mins after logging in all textures, world and avatar, begin during black. * if i log in starting at my home, im guaranteed to get the black textures happening. * if i log in from anywhere other than home, my avi will sometimes go invisible except for prim parts, and i may lose the ability to see local and private chat. * it gets better * if i equip certain shirts, pants dissapear. (yes i know about layers, im not doing it wrong). and using the eyes i normally use removes my shirt. i couldnt make this up if i tried. CAUSE OF PROBLEM: * sl used to work fine for me, untill i had to clear my comp and reinstall my OS (vista). ever since that sl has been giving me these problems. If anyone can help Id appreciate it. Btw Im using the regular SL viewer, nothing fancy, and yes its the latest version. Thanks
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