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  1. Hydraxis & Graves Inc is proud to team up with Lingual Markus co-owner of "The Roof" which provides live music entertainment throughout the week. Looking for people who would be interested in mall rental spots. We are unconventional and commission based. If this sounds interesting to you please check us out. If you have any further questions please contact one of the following people in world via notecard. Mikaela Graves Mandi Dreamscape Cierra Laville
  2. Graves Inc is re-opening their newly designed mall. The rent is based only on commission that is split where the store gets 75% and Graves gets 25%. On the sim there is a photography studio/gallery, live music venue. Several stores still available. Also there are seasonal issues of Graves Inc Magazines published which feature many items from the stores found at our mall. If this sounds like an idea please IM or send a notecard to Mandi Dreamscape... Thank you:)
  3. We have several stores for rent on a sim that holds a photography studio, music venue. It's also home to Fab.Pony's main store. . Looking to fill spaces as quickly as possible.. Looking mainly for fashion related stores (IE: hair, clothing, shoes, jewellery) If you think you may be interested please IM Mandi Dreamscape in world
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