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  1. Since firstt posting I have moved. My Apology.

    1.Apartment G floor .....L$200/week.[50 PRIMS LIMIT]
    2.Apartment 40sq.meter ..........L$275/week[70 PRIMS LIMIT]

    A)After renting a room, you will be invited to a group to place objects on the

    I now have a luxurious apartment building for rent with 7 units available to you.

    The location is in the SLURL Below







  2. Hello out there.


    I am Inyur Orbit. I own and operate a tribute concert system. I am hiring these form's of people.


    1. Band members for Necropolis Concerts. There is some great details in how you do this. Must talk to me if interested.

    Not much experience is needed for our performances. I can train.

    2.I am hiring A few DJ's at Necropolis. Specializing in Future Synthpop Future Pop. EBM and Industrial is fine.

    Necropolis Concerts


    3. I am hiring DJ's and host's for The apartment complex I have recently opened. There is an extensive Disco on the top floor (should take elevator up to the 6-7th floors to enjoy the Disco. It is probably the best looking "Disco" i have ever seen in all my years in SL.  The Disco is worth seeing and can be enjoyed by many. WE ALL CAN PUMP IT UP!

    This is the SLURL to The Disco:

    Orbit Apartments Disco


    Drop on out and say hello at least. See what I have for you who wants to and willing to work with me.


    Prefered genre for The Disco from Old School Disco to EDM to Trance to Minimal to Techno and various forms of Electronica.



  3. I have opened Orbit Apartment complex. THis is a very lovely Aparment system.

    Fully secured to the resident. You can lock the door to prevent anyone coming in to your "home".

    There is a nice elevator to go up to your "home".  There is 9 units available

    The apartment is set on Atlantis City private sim.   There is a huge Beautiful Disco on the top floor for your fun and enjoyment. I am in the process of hiring DJ's for events there.

    You will have to use the elevator it is like in REAL LIFE click the floor your wish to go to.

    Here is the SLURL to Orbit Apartments

    Orbit Apartments



  4. Hi there I am posting for an affilate friend of mine who is running and operating an old club named The Orbit.

    An industrial hang out for Industrial minded people with that said. We are hiring. Must be able to voice and a little experience

    would be beneficial to how it is done.  Host and DJ's should contact Boopee Wikifoo in world. There is by the door a box with applications in it. Just click and fill out and send it to the online status of Boopee Wikifoo at the door way..

    Music genre's that are welcome are Industrial EBM Future synthpop Dark Electro Dark Core. Thank you for understanding!

    Our DJ's work strictly on 100% TIPS. We see The club as fun, not just as a place to work! We hope you will see it that way too. We prefer you to use the provided club stream that we provide.

    Our Host's work strictly on 100% TIPS as well.

    The Orbit

  5. Hello SL world.


    I have 4 apartments for rent this is a luxurious apartment complex.  Just I ask you to drop by and see what you like.

    There is a lovely pool area on the top roof. A nice place to enjoy yourself with. 200 Linden $ a week. about 60 or so prims available to you. Fully furnished and very luxurious.  Privacy.

    Orbit Apartments

  6. You looking for a cool place to have as your own but your on a budget? Look no further. I have a solution for you here.

    The condo's are approximately 60x60 (equal to a 4096)  fully luxuriously and fully furnished so...must move right  on in (once you rented that is). 

    As a tennant you are entitled to your condo. With control of your door.

    there is a grand pool on top for your convenience of fun activity for yourself.

    These are going fast..and if you snooze..you will loose. Click the SLURL below:


    Party Condo

  7. Twisted Tuesday @ The Hard Drive. DJ Inyur takes the stream and crams it full of Darkcore tunes. Darkcore is one of this crazy DJ's genre's of harsh music. Darkcore music is only heard at one place on the grid and that is at Club Hard Drive.

    This is where the meat meets the grinder for Darkcore music.

    5 to 7 PM SL Time.

    Come on out for some fantastical Darkcore and get your stomp grind on tonight.

    Hard Drive


    Tunes by D-Ranged/Catkiller/Bloodcage/Peaky Pounder


    Club Hard Drive..your #1 spot for Industrial Synthpop Electro EBM Darkwave We host Necropolis Tribute Concerts often here.


    NO POSERS permitted.

    For those who have a hard time to understand..this place is mature..no one under 17 should be allowed here. Language of the music is a bit ruff for young ones.

  8. We like personally like and desire  INDUSTRIAL style DJ's  but other forms of Electro are certainly welcome. 

    We like to have host's to accompany the DJ for their sets.

    So please continue reading:

    What does our  DJ's  do beside djing?
    - entertaining the crowd together with his/her host/ect.
    - talking on the microphone
    - working in a team in general with all staff members

    Is there a music line to stick to?
    - yes, there is. We are mainly into Industrial, Goth, EBM, Synthpop, Electro, DarkwaveDarkcore or related genre.But we accept most any Electro Genre. Your Head DJ  (ME) or an assistant (Zephyr) will train during a trial shift if there is any doubt about the appropriate genre of several songs.

    How much time does the job ask for?
    - a shift takes usually 2 hours
    - the schedule includes shifts from ususally 9am PDT on until 9pm or 11pm PDT

    Do I earn money?
    - the job is tipjar-based, . Tips are usually ~1.000 L$ up to ~2.000 and more L$ per shift all depends on people really.
    - mostly, we see OUR CLUB as fun, not just as a place to work

    May I apply as a DJ, even if I'm still new to SL?
    - we require at least 30 days


    Same goes mostly for the Host.


    If interested please contat me

    Inyur Orbit

  9. Welcome to Korzun Manors GRAND OPENING TODAY!  Click the link and ready to move in TODAY!

    We are offering luxurious condominiums at a very low price and this is for those who can afford to have a place to call "their own"

    5 Fully furnished condominiums Each has it's own bedroom area and full bathroom.

    5 floors of pure relaxation.
    Spacious and light features in the rooms of this building, with its summer style creates a comfortable feeling of home.
    You can have your pool parties any time on the rooftop swimming pool adds a touch of luxury to the whole.


    These condominium apartments are huge with lots of room (nearly 60x60 each floor) @ the fraction of a cost of what it will cost you to rent the same size of land (of course minus the prim ability already considered).


    Dining Room

    Punching bag for taking out your frustrations or excersizing.


    Come by and take a look and if interested just click the rental unit for further information.

    These Rental units are huge and are very relaxing..and they will not last long at the price of 250$L a week. Get yours when you visit. Move in instantly.

    Your SLURL For your pleasure for luxurious living: Korzun Manor

  10. Hi there..

    It is obvious to me that your curious about this posting this is why you are reading it.
    Well I am not going to spill out a bunch of pretty words or pretty pictures for you..because seeing is believing.

    For all your land needs may you check out what is available at the Scarab Estates Land office.

    You will want to contact Whitestag Gothly

    your SLURL: Scarab Estate

  11. SL's Epic Industrial Tribute Band Experience on the SL Grid..

    NECROPOLIS Tribute Band Productions in association with Eleven Seven Productions presents:

    Funker Vogt Tribute Band Concert

    Where: The ESP HQ

    Wednesday April 25th @ 5:00 PM SLT.

    Funker Vogt is a German electronic music project with an aggressive style consisting of in the Genre of Electro-industrial Aggrotech Futurepop



    We are hiring members to fill in spots to our tribute gigs. IM me Inyur Orbit for an application

  12. SL's Epic Industrial Tribute Band Experience on the SL Grid..

    NECROPOLIS Tribute Band Productions in association with Eleven Seven Productions presents:

    Static X Tribute Band Concert

    Where: The ESP HQ

    SATURDAY April 21st @ 5:00 PM SLT.

    Static-X is an American industrial metal band from Los Angeles, California. They were formed in 1994.

    FYI this band is for mature audiences.



    PS. We are hiring people who would like to be part of our productions for our concerts.  All the "income" of an event is devided amoung the members who perform with us.  See me for application or click our board for more information.


  13. Hi there.

    Eleven Seven Productions and Necropolis Productions are hiring members for varios positions to role play parts in Tribute bands.  We seek those who like music. Who are familiar with the bands we represent in our Second Life Concerts. You will look like the character of the bands as close as we can get you look.  We have synth keyboards and drums that we already provide.  We can offer you a guitar free for guitarist. And these are no nonsense guitars and we are not permitted to sell them at all. Clothing and hair we can assist you with getting and give some tips how to do a make over to represent the band member of the bands we play. Lots of fun..

    for further information and details contact:

    AlecSharpe Resident (Sixx) for Eleven Seven Productions (contemporary rock style music)

    Inyur Orbit for Necropolis Productions (Industrial EBM synthpop type music)

    Bringing to Second Life a greater experience in music.

  14. Are you looking to rent? Mainland Korzun Sim has quite a few 4096 size lots to rent. LOW LOW weekly rental rate.


    999$L a week the standard prim lots a little decorated up to make the sim look good. Items can be replaced with your own prims. Fully function of rights by joining the group once you rent.  Just IM me and I give you the invite.

    Lot #2 (currently rented and will be available in about 9 days from todate.

    Lot #3 #4 #5 #7 #8 #11 and #17 are available to use as you see fit.

    underpriced for the value of a 4096. 999$L per week.


    Start you off at Lot #3 and you can look around from there.

    IM Inyur Orbit for further details (Estate Manager)

    Thank you for your time and thank you for renting as well.

    Korzon Sim

  15. Necropolis Industrial Tribute band does Industrial Electro Synthpop Darkwave tribute bands.  These concerts have made some impression to the STOMP crowd in Second Life but not enough. We can do your club or venue some great justice for one of our awesome performances.

    Just to name a few.



    And One


    Assemblage 23

    Contact me in world if you are wanting to have a quality concert with quality equipment, stage and the person we represent in your favorite Industrial genre.


    Inyur Orbit


      DISCLAIMER  We have  No affiliation with the real world bands we represent. We are just ROLE PLAYING. Thier trademarks are more than likely  registered.  No trademark infringement is intended.  We in no shape or form intend to do no one any harm.  No RL monetary gains are being made. Just for the love music and these bands we do this for our fun, entertainment and  mostly for enjoyment.


  16. Mainland sim with no clutter and pretty good with low lag (and we mean to keep this sim low lag if we can.

    Welcome Commercial and residential. (Commercial can use payboards (scriptless purchasing boards).

    Each lot is a 4096 there is presently 15 lots available #1 to #5 and #7 to #16 available and well land scaped.

    Your price is 999$l a week. With group owned land and giving you rights to build to name your lot, media to change

    the music to the land as you like.  Just remember this is mainland so don't expect big thrills..but for the price you can't

    go wrong. IM me Inyur Orbit for details.

    We start you off with lot #1 to the SLURL link below


  17. We are hiring a large range of staff for The Orbit Industrial Dance Club.DJ's host's. The application is at the Orbit Industrial Dance club located in Rivet Head Heights Village located on Amenhotep sim. Please drop by to get your application fill it out and deposit in the application box. I supply the stream for your events. If you want to learn how to DJ you may drop by for some lessons. We welcome the following genre Industrial,EBM,Harsh EBM,Dark,Synthpop,Aggrotech, Darkcore, speedcore and Hardtek.

    The Orbit Industrial Club is an Industrial club we like to stay within genre.

    We welcome Host/DJ teams.

    Orbit Industrial

  18. DJ Inyur Orbit is back.

    The Orbit is your place for some of the best Industrial EBM Synthpop on the grid. 

    DJ Inyur is running the stream this morning for your eargasm pleasure. 5:30 AM to 7:30 AM SL Time.

    Our main place is in Atlman. We are unable to post events from or for that location. But its our main spot non the less. And if you would like to be part of our program drop on in.

    We are hiring a large range of staff for our location(s). host's dancers and whatever else. The application is at the Orbit Industrial Dance club in Altman sim drop by fill it out and deposit in the application box. I supply the stream for your shows. If you want to learn how to DJ you may drop by for some lessons. We welcome the following genre Industrial,EBM,Harsh EBM,Dark,Synthpop,Aggrotech, Darkcore, speedcore. 



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