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  1. I eventually was able to create an event with "fantasy" in the title and description. I tried again this afternoon, copy and pasting a title and discretion from a past event, only changing the event name and description to different combinations of "Fantasy". Again, I was notified my region could not support the event because it was not an adult region. So, I started with a minimal: "Fantasy event" as a title, and "4 - 6 PM SLT" in the description. That was accepted. Editing over and over, adding line by line, I was eventually able add everything I had originally pasted, including the rejected changes. I don't understand the filter. Maybe I overacted? Maybe I found a glitch in their filter? The odd thing is when I added a statement clarifying the sim standards, the word "g-rated" was also flagged, and I was was told I needed to be an adult region to host the event. When I removed the "-" and changed it to "G rated", it was accepted. I just don't understand rating restrictions as to how this algorithm works.
  2. Apparently, the word "fantasy," when used in titling events, is restricted to adult rated regions. I've tried "High Fantasy" and "Fantasy Fiction" descriptions when explaining the themed style of costumes. According to the rating filters, likely determined by the usage of the word within Second Life culture, it must have strong sexual connotations. In dictionaries and encyclopedias, it is primarily a designation of literary genres. It does not matter if I define the word in the description and define the expectations of conduct for a G-rated sim. So, I'm waiting for the Second Life Dictionary of Words, with maturity ratings assigned to each word, something I obviously can't live without because I'm unable to moderate my PG/G life and plot in a PG region without the help of Linden Labs.
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