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  1. If I get a premium account, can I build my own home on the land I receive or make changes too the home I am given?
  2. I have quite a few accounts with same email address. one of my accounts will not let me log on. I haven't tried to logon to it in a year or more. actually last year I tried to logon and it wouldn't let me and I tried to get answers as to why and I never found out. So does SL delete unused accounts?
  3. Thank you dear Tempest.... See that is an answer that gives me something to do towards solving the problem.... I will try it. Everyone, I know you are trying to help but please stop answering with "check spam" it was the first thing I did and am still doing.....
  4. It has been two days now with no email. I did another account this am, double checked the email (using a different one) and it has been 4 hours and still haven't recieved an email. It is very frustrating because it literally took me hours apon hours, both times, to find my last name so that the new avatar has the same. The new avatar is to be a baby so of course..... Anyway, I just don't understand why I am not getting the emails and I am not going to keep trying because I am worried about the last name thing.....
  5. I opened a new account and haven't gotten the email so that I can finish registering... How long does it normally take and is there something I can do?
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