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  1. • I've did a bit of research, I can-not find an answer. •How come on my store on SLM, like 50% of my images are missing? •How come it wont let me upload / show pictures in any format when trying to add it to an item? (.jpg wont even work wtf) •I've tried firefox and chrome and the pictures are missing in both of them. •Does anyone know whats going on? Are they going to fix this? Everything was fine up till around a week ago.
  2. I need help with an issue from a Linden. I dont have premium for live chat and I cant afford Premium currently. I went to rez this project out on the ground, (my cluster of objects happened to have 1 no copy / no mod object in it). When I rezzed it out, I got the message "Object Failed to Rez" .. Then Poof, its gone. I need this back, I have hours of work invested in this I would higly rather not have to go back. Please if someone knows a linden that can help, please have them contact me about my issue.
  3. Thank you. Wish I would have read your post before the long huge one I wrote just above. That makes sense to fix that bug and protect buiders rights, thats awesome. But why do they have to make a copy? Why don't they just like make a placeholder string in your inventory or something signifying that you are wearing an object of that name. Like when you equip something, it actually gets equipped and disappears from your inventory and is put in world on your avitar, in your inventory there' is now a link created in taht place signifying that object, if you click said link and click detach, it would check your character for said item and if that item exists then you could possibly detach that item or whatever. Also via deatching it would replace the item in the inventory with where the link previously was. Like working with lists. llListReplaceList([inventory],[actual object],index, index); llListReplaceList([inventory],[link_to_object],index,index);
  4. Its gotta be a bug cuz when I work on something and it compiles and saves correctly and I log out forgetting to drop it on the ground and re-pick-it-up. I shouldn't have to do that, it should be saved cause I was working on it in my inventory. Why do they delete the rezzed version? I saved and compiled it tons of times, it was saved. Its pretty bad when thsi is happening to a-lot of people and its making them have to go back and re-figure stuff out and re-code things. Not swearing at you or anyone in that matter, was raging at the system which made me have to redo things I already do. Ide rather not quit considering all the time I have invested in on this, and its not one of those (im goona quit cuz QQ) threat threads so what you tell me is quite insulting. Good for you, never said anyone would suffer if I quit, again insulting comment. Considering this platform / game is designed around the creative process. This building tool should be as good as it can be for first time users, it shouldnt be built around (make sure to know key things before you do stuff). But eh, its all code and with code that does happen, those are bugs, but what it does, so others dont have to suffere and so you can produce the best possible software for your users and for yourself to show that you can do the best that you can. I just still don't really see why this would be intentional at all. For instance. I like to go to clubs sometimes and script on this HUD ive been working on, its really relaxing for me and its nice to be able to listen to some live dj'd music and script at the same time, call it a luxury. For me thats sort of the thing I like to do. What I dont like is sittin at a club for a few hours and feeling really good, getting tired, been scripting but im proud of what I scripted and its time to call it a night so I log off only to come back into SL and see that all the code I wrote and figured out has mysteriously dissappeared. This to me seems to be an issue. Please dont get me wrong, im not here to start an argument with anyone, I do not know the innerworkings of the code. All im saying is why instead of temporarly making copies of said items when you wear them and you save on them while worn, why don't they actually save? Why make said copys in the first place when if you get MODIFY rights on an object in the first place, your able to modify it? Why not instead not make copies so when you edit an object your wearing, it saves and your still working with that object.. You know, the one your wearing, plus not to mention it should take less memory as well because it doesnt have to create that copy. Also as a reply to Qie Niangao ~ Why should anyone have to repeat and redo what they've already done. Like in LotR, when sam says :: If I take one more step, this will be the farthest from home i've ever been. :: They aren't forced to go back and retrace their steps to make progress just because they forgot one thing. Why should we?
  5. Be cery careful with that. I can't tell you how many times ive been scripting on an object im wearing, then I detach it and reattach the object where its like, if I saved it within 5 miniutes or something and detach / reattach, the script reverts to prior to the save. The only fullproof way ive found so far is to drop the object on the ground and take it back into inventory.
  6. Why does sometimes when I can work on something for hours. I start working on it, hours later I end working on it, I've worn that object the entire time, scripts compiled successfully 100 times. Ran the code to see if it runs fine it does. WHY When I log out, and log back in, is what I was wearing reverted back 3 hours previous as well as my scripts I was working on? WHY does this bug occur. Wondering why im raging. For like the 20th time now I've lost hours of valuable time scripting due to forgetting to drop an object off my AVATAR and re-pick it up into my inventory before LOGGING OUT. So dear SL, I want to know WHY this BUG happens? HOW is it happening? WHAT needs to happen to get it fixed? BECAUSE this is extremely annoying I lost hours of work I have to go back and redo now. Im sure im not the only one. Please adhere to your hard working customers and fix this Sh!t. Because I can tell you right now, if I didn't have so much time invested in this right now ( 100's of hours on this project, about 6 hours having to go back and redo sh!t from this bug.(not counting the extra time I have to put in now tonight just go get back to where I was." , I would be saying "f**k this game". I think I can speak for all your LSL coders out there when saying. "We don't care if you have to pay someone for X amount of hours to fix this dumb BUG, please dear F***ING GOD Just fix it, we don't have time to have to be going back to redo sh!t we've already done. TY" /end rage.
  7. Actually im goona reply. Just watched your "Premium Video". So much better than, use that one!!! it works, thats a cool video!!!, It shows building / scripting / customization, don't use "Burn 2" which = a scary horrible not attractive video . Change it, else angry cat will get you. 3 : < RAWR
  8. SL, Why the F*ck do you have that extremely creepy "Burn" Video on the startpage. If I was joining SL and seen that video, I would not wanna play SL anymore. We wanna get people into SL (more sales!) not away from it. Honestly think you guys should rethink your featured video part on the homepage, just sayin. Creepy a$$ video. And no I probably won't respond to this thread cuz I got other things to do right now, but I just wanted to bring that to attention, feel free to talk about it and stuff.
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