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  1. I have tried to clear my cache, and lowered my graphics speed, but it seems like on some avatars, the arms are stretchy like rubber, and contorted out of shape..I have the Releasex64 version. In other words, their hands don't detach from their hip section so the arms just stretch from the elbows down no matter what position the arms are in. This doesn't happen with all avatars, but some, and they don't have faces at all.
  2. Greased and skewered with a spigot up your ass. :smileyvery-happy:
  3. I bought a piece of land from someone that has been a member since August of 2010, and is a member of several real estate groups...I guess it's true that one is born every day because I bought a parcel of land from him, and was told that the land would be mine and that I would pay him a certain amount each week. After I paid, he suddenly disappeared, and now I find that I can't terraform the land parcel, nor can I deed anything of mine to it....I have sent an abuse report, but haven't heard back..any suggestions as I know this is definitely against Secondlife TOS? *** Update: Just wanted
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