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  1. For me is too soon in the development process of this technology to thrust on the new residents. This just started to appear a a day or so ago and we have newbies buying freebie system skins and clothing and not being able to work out why it doesnt change...taking off alphas and ending up with two bodies...trying to edit shapes and cant work out why it doesnt change much There doesnt seem to be any guidance with these its just chuck em in and let em get on with it. The shapes are odd to say the least - weird proportioned hands and feet, strangely shaped faces and just nasty skins Why didnt
  2. One Quarter French - a friendly, cosy but vibrant new Orleans themed sim - is looking for DJ's & Hosts for various shifts in their 3 venues: Le Baiser Rouge - a sexy, classy Burlesque club featuring theme nights and a variety of music including jazz, blues, swing & big band - open UK evenings (12 - 4 slt) The Whirling Dervish - a cool club featuring chart, pop, dance, trance, rock - open UK evenings (12 - 4 slt) Cafe Du Monde - a chilled out cafe with outdoor space with anything going music wise - open US evenings (6-8 slt) We would like our staff to have some experience but are
  3. For me I would say turn off - especially in no script zones. The area I work is no scripts and I sometimes get to screaming point by a clicky heel getting stuck and just going on and on and on and....you get the idea But I have a favourite pair of boots with a clicky heel that are unmodifiable...how do I turn this off anyone! I want to wear them again
  4. I literally could not believe my eyes when I read that blog. I went in there expecting you to have maybe pushed too far and got a knock back. But nothing!! That is possibly the nicest most polite come on I have ever read.... Olsin you are a gentleman and I think you should just think one thing. People like this are too low life to even matter - their opinions should not even register. Be clear than no one sane, sensible or with half a brain will read that blog and agree with her as shown by the posted comments. Do not stoop to her level (thinking backhoe) and just realise you will never
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