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  1. A GREAT way to soften up terrain like this - without resorting to a flat grass lawn prim is with groundcovers, creepers, ivy-like plants and shrubbery. Often they have enough negative space involved that will allow you to layer them along the ground - it will break up the terrain a little bit and often look really good used as a base to plant other things on top of them without it being too jarring.
  2. Agreed on those suggestions above, also try Heart Garden Center - they do some lovely tropical trees, shrubs, and flowers. Also, check out Headhunters Island, they have some great stuff! *Edited for Punctuation
  3. Thats not a bad idea. I get what you mean about the different versions, I have done work in both of them but tend to revert to 2.79 instead - Because changing my workflow when I'm trying to just get something finished .... makes for tears. So. Many. Tears.
  4. You did great! The breakdown is a thing you sort of have to balance - If you want that railing to be visible from farther away, you need to bump up the LOD settings on the upload - which will raise your LI. When you upload, keep checking the previews when you adjust, and don't give up!
  5. Things seem to start picking up in October and then steadilly grow until the new year. After the New year it seems to drop abruptly and significantly. It seems to be consistent each year, at least amoungst the creators I know.
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