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  1. Its more than likely that the parcel that your trying to set this "Skybox" up on, is out of prims. *How many prims are you allowed? *How many prims is the skybox your trying to use? Check your prim count on the parcel itself, then the skybox and try again
  2. Try Right clicking your avatar, select more, then tex refresh, otherwise under the advanced menu there are av tests you can run which will bring your avi back under the default avi. Then simply put your avi back on! hope it works out for you!
  3. This could be an issue with your computer. Try Uninstalling and Reinstalling Second Life
  4. Bonne soirée à vous aussi, fondamentalement cette erreur se produit parce qu'il ya un fichier corrompu quelque part dans votre dossier de SecondLife. Essayez ces étapes 1: Accédez à C: \ Documents and Settings \YourUserName \ AppData \ Roaming 2: rechercher le dossier appelé SECONDLIFE 3: Supprimer le dossier entier 4: désinstaller Second Life 5: Réinstallation Si cela ne fonctionne pas, et vous êtes un membre premieum, je vous suggère de contacter le support Cordialement, lenny
  5. Hi tuccer, Ahhh, gotta love this error, has happened many many times to myself in the past. Basically what you have to do, if you have a router that has the ability for you to change your IP address, usually thru the control panel located somewhere like 192.168.x.x, try that. If it doesnt work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the SL viewer.
  6. Are you looking for something interesting to do? Come on down to Richmond located in Giano Heights, for the first annual MC rally! We have serveral MC Groups in sim recruiting, hanging out and having a good time! Why not join them!? Are you looking to join a MC? You can probably find some recruiters in sim while your at it! Events are starting November 17th with the rally wrapping up with a very special DEF LEPPARD CONCERT on November 21st at 7PM SLT, During the concert a very special gift will be given away! We also have a Build a Bike contest going on. There is a registration fee required to enter the contest, but the winner recieves a L$ prize and a custom trophy! Come ride, have a good time, meet new friends, and rock out to a great event we hope to see you here down in Richmond. Welcome Home Notice: Richmond management does not allow avatars under 30 days old in our region, we are sorry for the inconvience but welcome you to come in, if you have a tenured avater available.
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