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  1. Currently I use Mama Alpha. I've really enjoyed the product thus far but I've noticed things I don't really like. 1. As soon as you "open your HuD to a male partner" it's almost garenteed if you are trying to get pregnant that you WILL get pregnant. There is no randomness to this hud. It's not like you try and there is a chance of pregnancy... 2. 'IF' you have multiple sexual partners...the father of the baby it's ALWAYS going to be the first partner. Why? Because of #1...This also defeats the purpose of even using the paternity test. I heard there was an alternative HuD that it's like mama alpha but it's more random...I'm trying to look for this HuD because I'm interesting in possibly purchaseing it if it has a good customer base.
  2. I think the new web profiles are ok...one thing I miss though is not being able to see if someone is online or not threw their profile. Someone who isn't on your friends list. Is there any other way to tell if someone is online or not with these new web profiles? Someone suggested to me awhile back an online status checker from the marketplace or something but I don't own land, but would use it if it was something that attached to my hud and I could just type in a specific name to see online status. I don't know....
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