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  1. I have a showering effects particle script that I've combined with a touch fx script so you can touch to turn the water on and off. I've already contacted the maker of the script but I'm thinking they aren't playing anymore or just not offering support. The problem I'm having is when I drag the shower out of my inventory it's already running and I have to touch twice to turn it off. I would like it if the shower came out of the inventory off and it's touch once for on and once for off. I'm assuming the script resets on rez or something is happened on rez. Going to post the touch portion of the script because it was free but the particle portion I'm removing because it was purchased. If someone could just suggest what and where to edit so the shower rezzes from inventory off and requires a touch to be turned on and another to be turned off. Thank you. EDIT: Forgot to mention it doesn't matter if the shower is off when taking it into inventory it always rezzes out running. /////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////ANIMATION STATION 2011//////////// ////////////////DRAKE FAUDEBURGH/////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////READ THIS/////////////////// //You must click 'Running' at the bottom of the script window to activate this script! //This is a basic Touch Toggle Script Template. //You simply drop this script inside of your object and it will toggle the effect on and off when it is touched. // //Visit //http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Example_Particle_Script //http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlParticleSystem //for more information..... /////////////////////////////////////////////// integer particleOn = 0; particle() { /////////////////////////////////////////////// ////PASTE YOUR EASY FX SCRIPT OUTPUT BELOW///// //////OR YOUR OWN PARTICLE SCRIPT ENGINE/////// /////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////// } stopParticle() { particleOn = 0; llParticleSystem([]); } default { state_entry() { particle(); } on_rez(integer start_params) { particle(); } touch_start(integer num_detected) { if(!particleOn) { particleOn = 1; particle(); } else stopParticle(); } }
  2. In the article is says the beta will be in 2015 with the release of the game in 2016. I don't understand what you are meaning a new platform?
  3. Is it true secondlife is making a sequal for 2016 and beta testing it in 2015? Where can I sign up for the beta?
  4. This is SL...they can cheat just by opening an IM. They can cheat while standing right in front of thier partner. (seen it before) That's the main thing with this game and relationships. There will always be jealousy because frankly you'll never really know what they are doing on their side of the monitor. If your in it for the roleplay enjoy it while it last and when the novelty wears off it's time to move on. If you think you are going to be with the person in RL it NEVER WORKS OUT! You want a real relationship get off the computer and go out into the real world and fine one. This is a game not a dating service. And if people want to hate on what I've said here. Sorry that the truth hurts. Maybe there are a couple decent people in SL but they are to busy with the wrong people getting cheated on.
  5. I rewrote the whole script and it works...I had a little boo boo but I think I fixed it...seems to be working. Thanks!
  6. Ok thanks! I'll probably work more on it later. I took a couple scripting classes a long time ago and forgot 99% of the stuff I learned lol. I'll figure it out though.
  7. Ok it had touch_start and I changed llDetectedKey(0) to llGetOwner Currently now when anyone touches it the owner gets the dialog. I just want to fix it now so that only the owner gets the dialog on the owners touch and whenever someone else touches it nothing happens. Should I change touch_start to just touch?
  8. I already have a script that you can place multiple objects in the contents folder of an object and when anyone touches it a dialog comes up and asks what do you want listing all the possiblities. The problem with my version is anyone can touch it and get items...I want to know what and where inside the script can I change it so that only the owner of the script can get items. Would be funny if I could also make it so that anyone else other than the owner touches it they get something in local that says, "no no no" lol
  9. seems silly after all these years, this is the first time I've ever seen an advertisement. Is SL really hurting that bad? Should I be concerned?
  10. What is with this Watch Gold Advertisement all over the dashboard? Looks stupid and takes away from the website's appearnce.
  11. I was logged on a magority of the day the 13th and 14th but never recieved the Vday gift from Linden Labs. Can someone tell me what it was?
  12. If you have an empty sim and looking for some ideas to build a community, earn some lindens and have fun roleplaying. I have a perfect idea. Looking for someone who is open minded, willing to invest and doesn't mine having a partner helping along the way. I am NOT looking to be hired, gain profit or comission. I am simply looking to make my idea a reality. My idea is for a themed roleplay community. And I fully believe once open to the public it will be unique and interesting for everyone to visit and join in on the roleplay. If your interested for more information please contact me in-world (thats the fastest way to get ahold of me) Also I sometimes forget to check my posts (hehe) Summer Logan
  13. Thank you for the tip SinfulPrince. Do you know off hand any roleplay sims that I could try? I've visited a couple but not sure exactly where to start... EDIT: I've tried being adopted and joining a family first, but everyone wants little kids...or they are kid collectors...hehe
  14. Dating in SL is hard already but trying to find someone with the same things you want is even harder. I am looking for a Roleplay Sim or Group with other single people who are interested in finding someone to date, eventually partner, and start a family. I've tried using search but all I'm finding is family oriented places deadicated to already formed families. I did however find a family oriented dating agency but it seemed fishy as you pay by how many dates you wanted to go on??? Anyways if anyone has any info that might help me out in finding what I'm looking for. Or if you want to IM me in-world if you are interested then feel free. Thanks for Reading! Summer
  15. I recently rented a decent sized apartment with a great view, $400L Week for 300 prims. The landlord is very nice and generous and didn't even mind if I had went over my prims (but I didn't) anyways. He is now listing the land for sale and what seems like "getting out of the business". I am looking for a new place, with hopefully the same amount of prims and price but willing to checkout anything within a decent range. If anyone on here has something like that available send me a message with the LM and I'll be glad to check it out and possibly rent from you.
  16. Does anyone sell clothing for the older Zooby Babies? The 4.0 ones. Anyone who might have leftover clothing or outfits that they didn't sell before. I like the older babies better but never really bought a lot of outfits. Now I'm regretting it.
  17. I didn't misspell it I even copy pasted what you wrote and still got the error. I understand it wasn't a full script but I will still trying to see if I could get that at least saved and working to see if it was going to work the way I was expecting.
  18. Thank You Rolig Loon, I tried putting together a sample of what you gave me and got a syntax error at llSetTimerEven(1.2); The error is after the opening ( and before the 1...
  19. Hello Everyone, I'm a noob at scripting so needing a little help...I have about 5 animations that I want to play in a certain order and then stop when finished. I'm thinking I have to llsettimer? Or something. It's been a long long long time since I've messed with scripting so if anyone would like to post here or donate some time in SL to show me a couple things I'd be greatly appreciated... Thanks a bunch, Summer Logan
  20. Thank you everyone who responded. I think this has cleared up my thoughts on it. I will however be sticking to SL.
  21. Someone recently told me about inworldz so I went to their website and checked it out. It looks exactly like Second Life and even using a viewer that looks like viewer 1. So what really is the difference? Why would I join this new worldz if it's exactly like Second Life? And what does Second Life think about this other world forming and looking the exact same and working the same way? They are even making money off of this game. Isn't there some sort of copyright issue here? I mean there is a difference between open source code and knocking off another game intirely right? I'm confused! Please explain but keep rude comments to yourself. I'm just curious and wondering about this other world... Summer
  22. I would like to use someone who is in that particular community to not only help with modeling but to pick their brain on opinions of styles and what's popular. I am not in that community and I wouldn't know. It's all about the right person for the job.
  23. What is the best way...(other than paying high price and going threw an agency) to find a child clothing model? I've made several girl's clothing for a child and wanting to update my marketplace with the new direct delivery feature. Needing to retake multiple photos. I don't have many standing animations to work with. I sometimes like to use the natural flow of an AO in a good scenery or behind a decent backdrop. Looking for child avatar with good knowledge of child roleplay to help me take some photos and maybe has ideas for good accessories to add to the outfits. Best way to contact me is in-world even if I'm offline send a notecard pls.
  24. Looking to find a companionship in SL who wants to roleplay a family. I play during the mornings SLT. If you think you want to meet and get to know eachother, or just want more information (sorry if I'm not suppling much info here) contact me.
  25. @ Tender 9 times out of 10 people who are out and about are partnered or already in a relationship Not trying to make excusses but this is just what happens to me. =) Maybe I need different places to hang out. Anyone wanna take me on a date? hehehhehe
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