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  1. I know of quite a few couples that met in SL and are happily together in RL also
  2. Congrats!!! My SL partner became my RL Patner about a year after we "met" in SL, and now we have a (very real, not pixel..lol) daughter together who is turning one in a couple of weeks..crazy to think it all started here! (We've been together 3 1/2 years..this isn't my "original" avi).
  3. Kezia Ansar

    Dragon pet

    It's like there are words, but I can't put them together.
  4. There are quite a few people in the forums that seem to be looking for a new friend, have a quick search and you'll be socializing it up in no time
  5. Learn to build/create! Look up Happy Hippo, they have free classes, tools, etc!
  6. When I saw the title of this, all I could think of was, wow, that's one hell of an orgy (a bed with 200 couples in it).
  7. I still dig redgrave, pulse, etc..I love the first link posted, I will defo be checking that store out!
  8. Tip for u (in all sincerity)..many Residents get very offended by newbs, etc, referring to SL as a "game". It might help if you take that part out when seeking employment
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