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  1. Thanks Rygel...I figured as much but it was worth a shot. Too bad I don't have the know how to write a script for that..i'd be raking in the $L...HAHA!!!
  2. Hi... I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I can't find any device, hud, script, magic wand, or anything else for that matter that allows me to remotely pose multiple avatars such as couples when it involves multiple posing scripts. I know Huddles, PhotoAsistant(?), etc can pose multiple avi's simultaneously using individual poses but nothing that poses them "together". This is a annoying problem since many locations are "no build".  I have searched and researched but I haven't found any info let alone a device to this. I figure I'm looking in the wrong places since this would seem to me a problem that would have been addressed years ago. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks All, Homer
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