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    age verify

    Ellla ^^ thank you so much...it was incorrect, in the edit/preferances... this is working already...once again, Thank you Have a good evening. bye bye
  2. Zyna Miami

    age verify

    Hi Eternus Thanks your answer. Yes, I know, there are more content at place, but I cant choose the adult content...though I ve set my age verifying. about 15 minuts ago...maybe the the time is sooner?
  3. Zyna Miami

    age verify

    Hi. I made an account a few months ago, but I setting now my age verification in my account. Iam 32 years old, but the system not allow me to teleport mature land. I accepted the therm and finally I clicked the 'submit'. What was the problem? I dont understand. Thank you your answer. Bye Zyna
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