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  1. ISON sent a notice that his region was in a restart loop, and he couldn't fix it, and SL is closed for NY so he thinks it'll be down all day :(
  2. There used to be a Grateful Dead SIM that's gone private now. Most of us who used to hang out there now gather at Commune Utopia (they have great live music) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Commune Utopia/147/22/26
  3. The marginal tax rate at the time was 70%(up to 90%) tax for the wealthy. It built and sustained the middle class. Now, the working class is paying more in taxes than giant multinational corporations.
  4. LAQ, Glam Affair, YSYS, Izzie's, DeeTalesZ all have current BOM skins. And may I also suggest the GORGEOUS Lelutka Evolution heads with BOM/HD makeups. (these heads also come with 5 'face tattoo' layer BOM 'skins'
  5. It's about money and power and who controls it. That's it, and that's all. With money comes power, with power comes money. That being said, do you want the power and the money in the hands of the people, or do you want the money and the power in the hands of the rich, corporate shareholders, and lobbyists? It's really that simple. If you lay out one issue after another, healthcare, welfare, foreign policy, people do agree on it about 70+% of the time. If you THEN labeled the results, the people would prefer a social democracy. As for Bernie Sanders, I'm all in. Call me a commu
  6. I see last time it was down, it was only for about 3 weeks. This time has been at least 6 weeks. I feel like the least they could do it put a notecard in the sign with updates for the people who play it.
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