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  1. I haven't read the full 10 pages of replies to this, and obviously I've been a little blind having only just noticed the ad's popping up on the second life market place. However there are a couple of things that in all honesty are not really doing much good. 1) Whomever it was that says people don't pay LL anything towards running Second Life, - WRONG!. Premium accounts for a start, the commission taken every time you make a purchase on the marketplace. The people who buy the sims. If NO-ONE paid anything towards the gird for Second LIfe, then LL would be out of business years ago. Note:- Not intending to start big flames or rants etc, just stating the fact that the community DOES pay LL and thus we as a community have a right to complain and comment on it, whether or not LL choose to take any notice is another story. 2) The ad's themselves look like someone has simply slapped them on there, I was almost convinced that I was in the wrong place, and had to double check before I logged on because for the most part it didn't look like Second Life or Second Life Marketplace. 3) Ad content - really?, am I interested in dating women/guy from every ethnic minority going?, am I really interested in Wartune? and any other freebie game that somehow is decided I just have to see an ad for. I am also well aware of ad blockers, but all these ad's look cheap, tacky and before anyone points out that it's my browser and some form of search monitoring, etc etc. I can assure you it isn't, I am of course merely voicing my own opinion, and although I would say that LL can/are addding advertising to their sites which they have the right to do, their implementation and content SUCKS!. It wouldn't be so bad if they implemented it well, and that it would then aid them in fixing the stuff that doesn't work properly, but it hasn't and it won't. To anyone who might find a way to a) be offended b) wish to pick apart my post because it isn't their opinion, please save yourself the time, since I rarely visit these forums and as stated this is MY opinion, thus not necessarily correct, right, fact, etc. Have fun in second life all,
  2. A bit of a side issue, but I would like to say that due to real life circumstances, I don't have a bank card, which allows me to make purchases online. I've been in second life for years, and not needed to worry about linden's due to earning them in-world, or getting them off friends etc. So I can't put someone else's card details in, for a lot of obvious reasons, so, does this mean that I will forever be unable to upload mesh?, seems that your ok with passports and other things to verify age (which was chaos) and to this day something I don't agree with but why do I need to register to upload mesh? surely with all the details LL already possess, including the fact I'm age verified etc, would constitute being ok to upload mesh. Please also, refrain from posting things like "get a bank account", and other unhelpful comments. I have editted the above since the first response to my question, was exactly that sort of comment. (although I'm not surprised)
  3. I am not getting into the whole what LL is and isn't doing since it's not going to change anything. at this moment in time I am laughing since they bring out this new "game" and when you go to the screen clicking the "join" button fine lets you create a new account etc etc BUT: I'm already a member, so naturally I click the "log in here" part and what happens NOTHING!, ZIP!, NOT A SAUSAGE. So hmmm is this just another ploy like most companies that are only interested in gaining "new" customers, or maybe just maybe they ought to make it so their current customers can play. Not that I will probably spend much time playing it, I just wanted to see, but yea another failure in public relations.
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