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  1. Well Said, Tiger Lilliehook... people are not a game, we shouldn't just throw our morality out the window as soon as we log into SL. If we are coming here looking to treat our interactions with others as "just a game" then we ought to say so as a disclaimer because people come here expecting to be treated w/ basic human respect as they would in their lives lived anywhere else... on or offline, in or out of SL.
  2. Excellent to hear about the increase of the cap limit on inworld groups! Excellent to hear about improved stability in TPing as well. Keep up the great work
  3. Hello Rod, and welcome! I'm a content creator in this virtual world and I really enjoy it. In addition I bring aspects of my offline art-making into this world too, exhibiting in art shows and participating in art related activities here. I'm curious to see how you will approach supporting the arts and content creation as your first months with us unfold. Take care, and good luck
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