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  1. Second life is undergoing a denial of services attack-
  2. Firstly this is a problem a lot of people have and its notisolated to firestorm, Go to Graphics Hardware setting .Uncheck Open GL and Streaming VBOS boxes( That should help)
  3. were these ati graphics or NVIDIA,,,,,,,there have been significant problems with nvidia freezing( Obviouslyyou disabled open GL) Firestorm Has advises Viewer 2 and firestorm Users to wait,until this is fixed.....you frame rate is severely compromised Firestorm support reply To be honest, If you intent to use any V2 based viewer full time on SL, I would hold off on the Lion update until this is fixed. Please see FIRE-2297 for all the details on this issue. It appears to simply depend on what graphics card you you have You can MAKE it work sure but frame rate is affected Thanks KAwyn Galaxy
  4. why would there be aproblem? Its the same system different( additional features) apps The code is the same
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