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  1. Mine was doing this also, I debugged anything with the word avatar, the started changing my clothing and my avatar came back. Took me a week how to figure out (well I didn't even really figure it out) but it works now. Now all I have to do is get my inventory back (if LL gives a care about people losing thier inventory and hundreds of real money for what they have purchased and uplaoded.)
  2. As usual, I was billed my monthly payment as a premium member, (and the extras that I have paid for for the last year, and, as usual, I still haven't gotten the 300 linden. I did submit a ticket over a week ago now, but I guess SL doesn't really want, or either appreciate premium members???? So, if I don't get what they claim they give, and what other members get by next month, I won't be a premium member anymore. <result: fixed>
  3. I've been a premium member for some time now, and have only received 300 linden 2 times, and have never received the 512 prims. So, when will I ever get the benefits that other premium members get? I have been a premium member for about a year or so now. and I didn't get the 1,000 linden for upgrading from basic to premium either.
  4. Wo0T success! I am back online with SL. Thank you for working on it for us.:matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  5. "The inventory system is currently unavailable"? what the heck...?:matte-motes-angry: does this mean when my avies log back on are they going to be shameful for me to see? or is this what is causing us not to be able to log in?
  6. Tried to chage locations, tried to change avatars, checked my firewall (it hasn't changed) rebooted (3 times). I am in a sinking ship and the land is getting futher away and my avatars cant fly or swim :`-(
  7. oh, I am using XP home edition
  8. The error message says "Login Failed" "Due to our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong." "Please check your status yhadda yhadda yhadda...." Obviously it isn't the later yhadda yhadda yhadda stuff...
  9. In the same boat with you. I was online just about 20 minutes (or so) ago. I have tried my SL v2 and Phoenix ... :`-(
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