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  1. I heard there were ways to find out who reads your profile, someone keeps telling me.. hey stop reading my profile, how the hell can they know if im reading their profile or not, I have not subscribe to them as followers and such, so how can someone know. I heard something about scripts you could wear or something to know who reads your profile is that true?
  2. Is there a way to find out who is looking at my profile?
  3. See I want to that place, echo voice you sent me inworld and thats exactly what I want to have my voice do all the time when I film. How do they do that on that sim??
  4. That will also be an last resort option, but the problem is this, I wont be able to interact live with other avatars as I film witch is the entire point here here. I dont get why our own voice isnt projected out in sl into our own speakers when we speak in our mics. isnt there a way to turn that on?
  5. Would be hard to use two computers as I would have to manage camera movements and my own, but that is an option I could perhaps try. I can't use broadcast dj programs as it has like 10 seconds delays untill you hear it in world so I could not interact with others. ;(
  6. Okay here is my problem I hope someone can help me. I have started filiming things in SL the Frapps. Now I reccords everyones voices except my own as when  I speak only the others hear me in their computers but my voice isnt coming up in my own so its not recording. It there a setting somewhere for that? thank you. a desperate little new filmaker who would really like to be able to star in her own movies. Mercedes Lax
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