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  1. Is there a way to set a "bar" to limit an account to buy lindens amount X to that amount each month Ie: need to max it our to 30$USD per month ...
  2. I am always amused by the amount of people using tools to protect their property I use teh LL simple ways... return object 3 mins, options, only people in my group can rez, fly, build, object entry, run scripts, safe mode, no push, and avatar on other parcels cannot see and chat with avatar on this parcel, restrict voice to parcel, sounds and avatar sound set to restrict gestures to this parcel. this way people dont annoye me, cannot cam in, and I dont have to listen or see my neighbours, land is public they can walk over and chat (some neightbours are nice I dont mind them but nothign stays on the property. I dont get the point of having some attack dog, sheep, bees etc to annoye someone on your land, I think if your so worried about it, then set up ban lines on, and that way you wont have issues. I like when people walk over and see the constructed house or how I setup the LL house to a dj studio and get ideas to build stuff for themselves, secondlife is about sharing the experiences isnt it ?
  3. lol very cutue example of things that make sl amuzing at time Suggestion: I necver voice in public I start a conference call and voice in that "conference" keeping alot of people (public) out.
  4. tried turning off your Animation overrider (AO) then walk ? sound like lag is causing too much time to load the walking animation causing you to "slide" everywhere
  5. Madelaine McMasters wrote: I agree, Qie. This has been my theory since LL announced crossing 20,000 new signups/day over a year ago, as if that was a positive achievement. I'd be making SL as invisible as possible until I figured out how to retain new customers. They are currently growing the population of people who will never again visit SL by 14,000/day. and taht is not counting the single residents that have multiple accounts. they shoudl have a 30 days usage policy or your out (delete the account) and their numbers of "leaving" versus coming in each month would be more accurante imho.
  6. sad but firestorm has a fgreat tool, mute, then rigth click on form, more more, derender... the fun thing is... hes muted and you will never see or hear him again... works nicely....
  7. Raven1 Short wrote: Just wondering what makes people decide to go premium. What do you find to be the benefits as opposed to basic membership? Did you keep the linden house? Used to be the first 2 years, but never owned land on mainland, rented like most before the " oh here is 512 and a house thing. My wife is online as well, she kept her premium membrship while I dropped mine, no real point of having 2 seperate houses is there, aside the 300L weekly payment to spend, I found not real benefits to being a premium owner sorry.
  8. VRprofessor wrote: Will it run SL? It should. It isn't going to run ultra high settings. Probably best to stick with medium settings where you should get okay fps in moderately busy areas. Or start with low settings and tweak up in areas that matter to you. For example if you are primarily in clubs you don't need 128m draw distance, but you might want good resolution on other avis. VRP, realy ? maybe you need help with configuring your pc, because I have an I5 8GB ram, and an aging ATI HD5750 1Gb DDR3 Video cards and I run with full ultra graphics and I get 40-60FPS inworld. To Answer the original Question, taht computer will run Sl just fine, you will experience "hiccups, pauses ect" if you use it while on the wireless, and that is just a fact of life Sl != WIFI. period.
  9. Hello, May I suggest teh following, after experiencing unstable sl experiences when I move from phoenix to Firtestorm myself. www.intel.com, click , support, downloads, drivers, select and install the activ x to do the hardware search and upgrade video drivers from the manufacturer (they uptade at least once a month) Uninstall ALL VIEWERS goto the user folder/apps and find your phoneix/firestorm folder with cache/files and delete it run an application like auslogics, registry cleaner reboots install a brand new version of ONE viewer (multiple viewers can be a troublesome experience if the viewers are not configured to deposit information/cache in specific folders.) try again. g'luck
  10. Well Your message made me smile, simply because if your in a shopping mall or even a wallmart or what ever store in real life, and you where talking to someone and you had someone walk around you and say "HI" , chances are you would glance and ignore you, Second Life is Yes a great way to Meet people, is a store teh best p lace to do so , I rather doubt it, try a Club, an event, a location that have discussion, most people tend to be more relaxed and less "Real life guarded" at those areas, and less distracted by their "shopping" ... cheers and good luck.
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