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  1. No worries! I'd try to make one myself if I weren't still at pre-mesh build skill level. Goodness knows how many old-school prims that would take me. I could also find your house and click/edit/who created it.. but then I'd be too shy to contact this person! Fingers crossed that they sell it some day ... I do have a smaller enclosed one that I love from Chic Aeon; I'll have a look at how much I can mod it.
  2. Apologies if this has been mentioned/asked in a previous thread, but might I ask where you got (or if you made) that back terrace? Your place looks lovely =)
  3. You got the one I just gave up. A lovely spot; I hope you enjoy it =)
  4. Hmmm I think my search skills are weak.. I can't find those french door/room dividers on the Market Place. I will keep looking! The two 'show your home' photo threads have been really enjoyable to follow. Thank you all =)
  5. I love those french window/room dividers! I'd love to find those. I quite enjoy your minimalist look.
  6. I just bought some walls (very cheaply too!) on the Marketplace to cover the navy Windlass interior walls. Thank you to whoever made those!
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