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  1. This. The working world map was the basis of so much of what I did in SL, and what I found fun (exploring, sailing, looking at land rentals, enjoying the 'overview' of the vast land, etc.). I'm a map lover in RL too, so yes I am just speaking from a personal perspective here. I want the world map to function properly again, and I do not understand why it is taking so long to fix. I am following a few threads in the main forums on this.. but I am starting to feel impatient.
  2. My alt has had the clone of that lot on Carnival for a while. Lovely spot. Enjoy!
  3. That is what I'm doing here as well Trinity, so life could be worse! But I hope we both can be reunited with our families this summer 😃
  4. Hello! I didn't want to start a new post so I thought this would be the best place for my question. I'm currently working in Europe, and the possibility that I may not be able to travel back home to Canada this summer (apart from making me feel terribly sad) has me doubly interested in making my log home feel more familiar. I'm looking for excellent 'lake' sounds, but especially the haunting sound of lake 'loons'. I have seen some on the Marketplace, but many have no reviews or the 'in-world' stores (to test the sounds) no longer exist. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone alrea
  5. Would anyone happen to have a direct link to her display? Cheers 😃
  6. Today I'm feeling a bit surprised! Got an email from LL saying it's my 14th Rez Day. Good gawd! That's like when I turned (*a certain age*) in RL... where does the time go?
  7. I actually came across your HB there when I landed a camper (released since then.... too green for me! Funny how tastes are so different). I was looking out to sea, spotted a houseboat in my peripheral vision and thought, 'Wow! What a perfect location!' Turned out to be yours =) Hope you will enjoy it =)
  8. No worries! I'd try to make one myself if I weren't still at pre-mesh build skill level. Goodness knows how many old-school prims that would take me. I could also find your house and click/edit/who created it.. but then I'd be too shy to contact this person! Fingers crossed that they sell it some day ... I do have a smaller enclosed one that I love from Chic Aeon; I'll have a look at how much I can mod it.
  9. Apologies if this has been mentioned/asked in a previous thread, but might I ask where you got (or if you made) that back terrace? Your place looks lovely =)
  10. You got the one I just gave up. A lovely spot; I hope you enjoy it =)
  11. Hmmm I think my search skills are weak.. I can't find those french door/room dividers on the Market Place. I will keep looking! The two 'show your home' photo threads have been really enjoyable to follow. Thank you all =)
  12. I love those french window/room dividers! I'd love to find those. I quite enjoy your minimalist look.
  13. I just bought some walls (very cheaply too!) on the Marketplace to cover the navy Windlass interior walls. Thank you to whoever made those!
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