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  1. try Ash Ellsberg Not sure what you mean by punishments but she has one already developed so may be worth a look. Her sim is the cumpod where you see it in action and try it as well. MM
  2. best option is to contact Ash Ellsberg in second life. She has created her own system that isn't generally for sale and isn't a simple thing to put down but I managed it so its not to hard. It blows away all the other systems allowing you to have one system rather than lots. It is unobtrusive as well which is a complete bonus MM
  3. the coffin porim contains the sit script and is the part that moves. I is a child prim as part of the vihicle yes. I did yet it 'sorta working with sme help in game. still not quite there but getting closer thanks all. Marcia
  4. I have aproject. It is a hearse vehicle. All running fine. Now I want to have a sliding coffin in and out of the back. fairly easy with a door like script and now working. The problem is that the sit script (a simple poseball one) I used does not move with the prim (i.e. the coffin with the poseball script in it) when it slides in and out. The sit is apllied and the person stays static hanging there while the prim coffin slides in. Is this even possible? If so any pointers at all please for me to look at. I have to say it is not something I have seen anywhere else in sl. Thanks, Marcia
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