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  1. I was not trying to leash to myself It has to be something simple....grrr!
  2. Thank you Wulfie that's what I was trying to so ... I wonder why I can leash her to anything but me? I'll keep working it but if anyone else has had this problem and overcome it please let me know.
  3. I have seen questions similar to this but not an answer, but thought I would try anyway. I am trying to make a simple no frills collar version of a leash script. When the sub wears it and the owner uses it to leash them to an object it works, but when the owner tries to use it to leash the sub, both the owner and sub are spammed every second by requests to leash. Does anyone have any ideas what I need to do and/or where I can find a simple example that works and can incorporate? Again, I am looking for a *simple* version of the collar side of a leash script, no frills needed or wanted
  4. Okay I have a working script that rezzes something that was in the prims inventory right above it. Now I neeed a way to detect if the item that used to be in the prim, and is now above it, is removed/taken/deleted. I'm not even sure how begin ... ideas anyone?
  5. Thank you I just reread a response you gave me to a related issue, and realized if I just tweaked it a bit it fixed this issue too. My bad. Thanks for being here for us.
  6. I want to rezz non-full-perm items from a prim's inventory...and when the one rezzed is taken, the script should rezz another (if there is something still in inventoryto rezz). I can do that with full perm items, but not non-full-perm. Is there a trick here?
  7. I need to rez a NON-full perm item from a prim inventory to right above the prim. Lots of scripts to do it for ful-perm items, but they don't work with non-full-perm. I know there are scripts that do so, sequentially, every time the rezzed item is taken they rezz the next inventory item in the prim. Thats what I want to do.
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