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  1. Just did some test and basically the Physics weight needs to be 32 period. You can have as many mesh prims or non-physics mesh prims as you want. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the info Boa, I did not know that limit was lifted. The new question is can I have say 200 mesh prims with no physics shape attached to a Main prim with a physics shape and still be physics enabled?
  3. Previously limits for physics were 32 objects/prims. So if I wanted 2 seated avatars I would have 30 objects/prims for physics to be enabled. I remember LL planned to exclude avatars from the 32 object/prim limit for physics. Can someone confirm if this is implemented??
  4. Kirsten's viewer is currently the only TPV that supports mesh. It has been more stable than the LL viewer from my side. You can get it here: http://www.kirstensviewer.com/ Im sure the other TPVs will make the jump.
  5. Would be worthwhile asking on some of the 3D Max forums. There are quite a few scripters in the blender community who might be willing to give it a go. LL needs to provide their actual methods of calculating PE if this is to be of any use though. Im guessing the info on the Mesh wiki is out of date what with all the changes PE has gone through in the last couple of months. Not having to log into Beta Grid all the time and update 5 files in the uploader menu for a marginal difference to PE is a major pain so I am hoping this can be accomplished.
  6. I live in D.C and given the timing of everything, it seems like this announcement caused the earthquake today. On a positive note, Great gob Mesh Team!
  7. Void, First off thanks for the script. I was wondering if the object could relay only the chats in which it was referenced . For. eg. How are you doing Object.............this would be relayed to the owner becasue it has the word object How are you doing......would not be relayed This is just for not requiring the sentence to start with object
  8. Monti, You are right about the chat range even if you use a positive channel. Textbox is actually working out well except for always pressing the Submit button.
  9. Thank you for your inputs Rolig. Is there any way for the Owner to say something in the chat line which could be picked up by the Object and spoken. Textbox is good but I wish it could publish the typed text when the Enter key is pressed (like with chat) For eg. Owner typing /Object How are you would make the Object say "How are you" Also that the owner's call should not be visible on chat. I think that is not be possible but just fishing for ideas. Thanks again!
  10. Hi all. I made a script which could relay chat typed in the presence of an object back to its owner if he/she/it was not around. I use llTextbox for the owner to type back as if the object was engaging in the conversation. 1) I was wondering if there was a better way than using the Textbox to act like the object was talking 2) Is it possible to use name and message in the no_sensor event so it can use llOwnerSay(name + ": " + message) instead of declaring: nam = name; msg = message; which shows it to Owner by llOwnerSay(nam + ": " + msg) Thanks in advance! //
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