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  1. That took care of it Ellla - I had been using the "show colors" readout to adjust some wardrobe items, and the 'Show Fullscreen Preview' button was the culprit. Thanks so much! -b
  2. Thanks for the response Cinnamon- I understand what you say, but maybe further clarification is needed: All I need to do is press the snapshot button in the lower toolbar to cause this - I'm not actually taking a shot (sort of like getting your camera ready, but not pressing the shutter release button) Once I press the button (before taking the picture), all backgrounds go away. In the hopes of resolving this, I switched back to the original color interface (Gray vs Silver) and it doesn't happen anymore. Solved the problem but still I wonder at what I did to cause it in the first place.
  3. Not sure what I clicked on, but when I wish to take a photo and click the button in the tool bar, all my windows (chat, inventory,etc.) become transparent and difficult to see.  Any ideas what to 'unclick'?  Thanks for reading this, Beat Imako
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