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  1. Uh no, if my connection was the issue I would be experiencing packet loss across the board, on every single network based app I used, but I do not. Tested multiple times with multiple sites and ping...

  2. 13 minutes ago, Innula Zenovka said:

    That's it.  You can't pay an object L$0 -- in fact, if you're using the official viewer, I think it's physically impossible (I can't see how to do it, since when I choose Pay from the right-click context menu, the Pay button on the paybox doesn't show if I enter 0, and llSetPayPrice won't display 0, either).

    You could try testing on the beta grid, aditi, where you should have (I think)L$5000 available for testing purposes (can be used only on aditi, though -- you can't bring it back to the main grid). 

    I've requested a "free" option for set pay price but it got declined, it's a right pain to require people to pay 1L and then send it straight back to them...

  3. 3 minutes ago, AnnistynSL said:
    We will be performing scheduled maintenance on the base services for Second Life. During this time you may notice slower than normal load times as well as issues with login and billing services. We appreciate your patience while we continue to perform upgrades and maintenance. 

    Uhm, thats tomorrow, 8am-11am, currently it is 9pm on 8th Jan...

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