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  1. I'm tired of having bot accounts come into our sim and sending IMs to residents asking for Lindens, these are all 0 day accounts with the name Steven and then a bunch of numbers, there was similar accounts that followed the Jason[????] naming convention, I keep submitting Abuse Reports but nothing seems to be being done. What does it take for LL to deal with spam issues?
  2. Good to know a bunch of people on SL are ***** and would spend their time arguing semantics and actively spending time trying to proving themselves right.
  3. Uh no, if my connection was the issue I would be experiencing packet loss across the board, on every single network based app I used, but I do not. Tested multiple times with multiple sites and ping...
  4. Grats on posting a Wikipedia explanation for packetloss but I don't see how that solves the issue with me having 20% packet loss to a sim.
  5. Packet loss is around 20%, voice is fine so its not my connection.
  6. I've requested a "free" option for set pay price but it got declined, it's a right pain to require people to pay 1L and then send it straight back to them...
  7. For anyone interested: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/y24gy0mk5m46
  8. Uhm, thats tomorrow, 8am-11am, currently it is 9pm on 8th Jan...
  9. having problems logging into the JIRA too, so I guess its a LL wide problem not just SL.
  10. I'm getting the same issue, its not specific to you. I guess they need to fix something.
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