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  1. Yes it does. Still curious about the process display. The 'not responding' mode often has a hard CPU spin associated with it.
  2. Run Windows Task Manager and have it visible while you're doing these actions. Select 'Processes' display, all users, sort by cpu usage. See what jumps to the top of the list while you're doing these MP operations and report back.
  3. Hop in a sandbox. Rez a box. Build something. It might not be great but it will be yours. (Until we have an inventory accident.)
  4. Yup, never give up. Follow Lucia's example. Wasn't at the triage today so don't know about the why. I will say it's not for a lack of governance activity.
  5. WWIC, for better or worse, will always be present in SL.
  6. Filing a Jira under Bug as a New Feature is the way to get some attention. You might not like the disposition of the request but they are heard and discussed.
  7. Get that Jira filed. It's available 24/7!
  8. Yeah, Edison would have been much later than that or the Great Eastern. I'm going to have to track down that story some day. The MUSE archive looks like a candidate...
  9. This reminds me of a story I read when very young and probably recall incorrectly now. When one of the first sea cables was being laid, a problem came up with the electrical performance of the cable. (This may have been the cable laid by Brunel's Great Eastern.) So they asked Edison to come in and have a look at the problem. Being a tinkerer and no fan of Maxwell, he did what he knew and wired up a telegraph set: battery, key, spool, sounder. Oh, and the spool was one continuous run of 500 or 1000 miles of cable in a massive hold. Edison checked his work and closed the key and... nothing. Open, close, open, close... nothing happened. He finally just closed the key and waited. Several hours later, the sounder closed. The inductance of that coil was such that it took that long to build enough of a magnetic field to allow sufficient current to close the sounder.
  10. Using a *TCP* VPN could be a way of improving things where capacity is otherwise available. But it can all go wrong still: It (partially) moves the choke point from the cable to the VPN ingress as UDP packet loss is turned into TCP retransmits and backpressure. If that ingress prioritizes stupidly or has other shortcomings, the experience won't be good. You don't pay attention and use a UDP VPN protocol turning your TCP into UDP and making the entire experience worse. I'd really love to see experiments done and results shared here. I expect results to vary wildly based on location, local ISP, backbone carrier, VPN, and time.
  11. Cable ingress has traditionally been a choke point where traffic may be shed. I've frequently seen problems on cable hops. There are no alternatives but the new cables are getting faster and faster (bandwidth, not latency).
  12. @Klive Eun Send details to me. The story is almost always going to be the target service ignoring connections. There are variants (sea cables).
  13. I've confirmed that there are no automatic processes in place. Creating an account, copying an account, and setting the IP flag all require support activity. Any appearance of things working without manual intervention is strictly magical. Tír na nÓg
  14. DM or email (monty @) information to narrow the search: target URL, date, time (and timezone), region where requests were launched. Both for the normal script and test script cases. The usual answer is that dealing with 5xx is something to be expected but there are exceptional cases where we can show the endpoint is behaving badly or a sea cable is involved. But HTTP Out generates over 10K 5xx status returns a minute. It's very normal.
  15. Changes still coming but hopefully nobody will notice. With some details from @M Peccable to identify the traffic, I can look into some specific causes. No promises but I like to check up on things.
  16. There's some borkage. File a support ticket and ask to have your IP terms flag set on aditi. They should know what to do. (Hate that stupid nag step, personally.)
  17. That might be possible with a little paranoia. Trying to recover TextureTest2 right now. I'm afraid it may have joined the alumni... (Hmm, it's back.)
  18. Oh, hell, you found MeshTest2! Happy to see that is up!
  19. Note that there are no automatic triggers yet. If you need or want a re-sync, file a support case with details: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/q3mnxnpys7dt
  20. End-to-end encryption but you have to be willing to pay for it.
  21. Excellent outcome! Can you share the name of the anti-virus package?
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