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  1. Okay, this jerk landed on my sim this morning and rezzed a particle poofer, the lag is insane and the sim has crashed several times (Yes I know particles are supposed to cause trouble only on the client end, but the sim has crashed multiple times and we've NEVER had a problem before this). As an estate manager I can't return or disable the object through the Region/Estate tab OR the About Land tab. I tried submitting a rollback request five times but the website won't let me (Hello, LL? Yeah... if you consider an option to be "invalid" don't put it on your dropdown menu, okay? Thanks.) and I've even tried IMing random Lindens I can find online, to no avail. They're not listening. Has ANYONE encountered this before? I've been a region/estate manager for well over a year at multiple sims and never have I run into a situation where I couldn't return an object! I'm about at the end of my rope, as are the ladies whose stores have been inaccessible all day because of this situation. ETA None of the estate tools work on this object. Returning and disabling fail. I know the name - tjrpas resident. The particle source beacon points to the object I already know is there, but I just can't do anything about it.
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