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  1. My premium house is the same old one I had when i became a premium member some years ago. How do I get a new one or update it like everyone else seems to have
  2. Where is my Dashboard as when I log in it doesn't show it anywhere. I just have the old menu but no mention of a Dashboard. I am on Win 7 using chrome browser
  3. Thanks for replying seems the problem has been resolved
  4. Why do we have maintenance at the busiest time of the week? Seems to me that the Linden corp needs to get it's act together after all these years. Considering there are relatively less people on sl now than when I started 7 years ago it amazes me that this can still happen. I know from messages that so many have been inconvenienced today/tonight by this unscheduled maintenance and it's not good enough. Especially as it has happened out of the blue without warning. I can see more and nore switching to Inworldz or leaving sl altogether. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened
  5. I just siged up and it says i get 1000 lindens but no sign yet. Also cant even find where i have the house or land i was told i had. Tried numerous times to tp through chrome browser but it seems not to have a link.
  6. Regardless of the legality issue all i want to know is how do you request a "tribute" band to play at a venue? I have been at concerts in sl but havent a clue how to employ one. I have a Rock Club and would very much like to get one of these bands to play there. Would appreciate any help in this regard.
  7. We are looking to hire talented rock DJs, hosts, and hosts/ess for Blackrock club. Experience is preferred but we are open to anyone who is starting out. The club is set in a waterside sim surrounded by plenty of great shops.As the name suggests we are a Rock club covering Hard rock, Metal, Thrash, Indie, Classic Rock and DJ specific for themed nights from the 70's to today. DJ's and Hosts keep 100% of tips. The ethos of the club is that everyone who visits will be welcomed and made to feel at ease. Fun is the name of this game! Please contact our Manager Craig Horsefly for an application´╗┐ for
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