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  1. I Have the same problem payed my subscription (Yearly ) on April 5 and have had not seen any new houses/ boathouse available. I have looked 3-4 hours day but nothing there will the Lindens give me a refund as this is a a ripoff.
  2. Shinzon Fang

    Shinzon fang

    Is there away to get hold of my transaction history since 2009 when i started SL. As at he moment i can only get the past 3 months.
  3. Im Having a problem uplading pictures everytime i click ok to import a pic or in bulk i get this message and it kicks me off Application Error - Don't Panic We are sorry, but Firestorm has crashed and needs to be closed. If you see this issue happening repeatedly, please contact our support team and submit the following message: LLImageGL::createGLTexture failed to make texture
  4. Can anyone help when i fly i have a wind sound thats very annoying is there anyway to turn it off
  5. i was going to sell my lidens but after a few days. I decided to cancelled it how long will it take to goback to my inworld account?
  6. I have a hanging basket that was fine when i lasted used it now it appears as a cube I have done the debug to 4 but still no luck can anyone help.
  7. Hi All Can anyone help when i go into my recent tab in my iventory. it keeps expanding on it's own how can i stop it
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