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  1. when will the stilts be released ? all there are is the old stuff
  2. Did the moles solve the problem with the stilt houses ?
  3. when are they going to relses them all. Or are they still having problems ?
  4. When they are released ! have not seen any so far still waiting for the BIG release
  5. We'll if you want a house boat there are a lot free now
  6. Oh so they borrowed Harry Potters cloak
  7. Why can't you see any stilt houses from the land at faraday? But you can see it all on the map
  8. Most of these dates are on a Monday. Except for 1st April 2020 which was a wendsday
  9. I Have the same problem payed my subscription (Yearly ) on April 5 and have had not seen any new houses/ boathouse available. I have looked 3-4 hours day but nothing there will the Lindens give me a refund as this is a a ripoff.
  10. Shinzon Fang

    Shinzon fang

    Is there away to get hold of my transaction history since 2009 when i started SL. As at he moment i can only get the past 3 months.
  11. Im Having a problem uplading pictures everytime i click ok to import a pic or in bulk i get this message and it kicks me off Application Error - Don't Panic We are sorry, but Firestorm has crashed and needs to be closed. If you see this issue happening repeatedly, please contact our support team and submit the following message: LLImageGL::createGLTexture failed to make texture
  12. Can anyone help when i fly i have a wind sound thats very annoying is there anyway to turn it off
  13. i was going to sell my lidens but after a few days. I decided to cancelled it how long will it take to goback to my inworld account?
  14. I have a hanging basket that was fine when i lasted used it now it appears as a cube I have done the debug to 4 but still no luck can anyone help.
  15. Hi All Can anyone help when i go into my recent tab in my iventory. it keeps expanding on it's own how can i stop it
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