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  1. Thanks. I will take a look through it. But i dont use blender (i actually have it but i dont like it), so i dont know if it will help me because i may not understand want it means. Im so used to maya now that i dont want to switch to blender. like i said, i startet working on mesh only 2 weeks ago.
  2. Hi! Im pretty new in working with mesh and I just finished a dress and tryed to upload it. Im working with maya 2012 and i either save the files as fbx/dae or fbx and convert them with the fbx converter to collada. I tryed both but i cant seem to upload a rigged mesh. I found this tutorial by Sae Luan here and i used the same skelton and all. But everytime i want to upload it the "include skin weights" buttom is grey (Reset form didnt help), Then i tryed to upload it without painting weights and hey i can select "include skin weights" but then the wohle mesh gets messed up -.- like here Sry its german but just so you know what i mean. I hope someone can help me and tell me what i do wrong.
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