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  1. Man/Woman/Cat on the moon - manually fly up to a height of 2 million meters Car crash - Crash a vehicle to hard that it will get stuck inside another prim Physics implosion - have your vehicle randomly explode when crossing a sim border Outer Space - Get yourself orbited to negative 2 billion meters Bargain hunter - buy a freebie Shopaholic - purchase 1000 items Home sweet home - own some land Simlord - own a sim Lots of RAM - Get an SL viewer to consume 3gb or more RAM without crashing Sleepless in SL - stay online 36 hours Friendly - add a friend Bankster - Reach an account balanc
  2. Wow! While I am usually quite critic towards many of the changes we have seen lately, this has left me *positively* speechless. Nice work
  3. I tried the webprofiles and do not like them at all. The current in-world profiles are so much more than flashy myspace pages, we use them for interaction. Find on Map, Offer Teleport, Add friend, Pay, IM, Mute, Give inventory, the ability to take notes on people, interests....all gone. Since it is obvious that all people that ever understood how SL works and how it's being used, have been replaced by outsiders going gaga over Facebook and Twitter usernumbers, perhaps the new CEO should look into recruiting future personnel from within SL. I would wager that most 6 month old users have a bett
  4. Transaction history now seems to be showing what i believe to be display names. How are merchants expected to handle customer service for "Jane", "Joe" and "FrankTheCool" if the entries only contain a single non-unique name?
  5. Samm, if you had never in your life seen a spoon and someone handed you a fork and told you 'this is how you eat soup' you probably would not starve and learn to deal with it. But after having discovered the miracles of spoon, you would perhaps be flippin' the bird at the person trying make you use the fork.I think that is pretty much what is happening here
  6. Using Viewer 2 on Mesh beta for a few hours gave me servere hand pains. Frequently used items are still placed very poorly, entirely unintuitive and require alot more clicks to accomplish for tasks that are 1-2 click operations in nearly every TPV. Windows minimize to top left, "notifications" are so prominent that they get missed even over multiple sessions and chat is pretty much a challenge in itself. Floaters waste huge amounts of screenspace. I am using 24" screens and cannot even begin to phatom what it must be like on smaller monitors. Dont even get me started on the sidebar that is *s
  7. People are abandoning registration at point where they have to choose a name? And your conclusion was that people could not think of any names? Have you folkies at LL actually tried to sign up for an account? I have brought around 30 people to SL over the years and at many occasions my friends had to abandon registration and try again later because the signup system did not work. It bugged out after they had choosen a name that system told them was free and the system either errored out, suggested to try later or said the name was already in use (because they had just registered it and
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