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  1. 550 to 660 is just 1 jump in relative power and 1 generation newer. Typically, unless there is some major technological revolution happening it is not going to give a big noticable jump in performance. Most likely you would have to look into the higher end cards, ie 580, 680 but they are also a different price class. Even then, it is possible you won't see a huge increase if you aren't running lighting and shadows. My card (580) is pretty much twiddling it's thumbs with the standard SL renderer and using only about 40% of it's power because the CPU is slowing it down. The only way to max out
  2. Well, back when i used to have transfer items and made the switch i kept the price the same. But i make accessories so people are not likely to wear or place multiple copies around the grid. I can understand different pricing between copy and transfer versions with furniture somewhat, but for me it is mostly a nuissance. The last time i was shopping for lamps and found some very nice ones, but they were priced 350L and no copy and i needed about 20 of them. Yeah right. Like i am going to spend 7k on the same lousy lamp. >.<
  3. Personally i set my items no mod/copy/trans or mod/copy/no trans. Unless you wish to offer the same item with different permission sets, you are never going to please everyone. Make a decision and live with it. The voices in both the copy as well as transfer camp seem to be almost equally vocal. edit: Purely from a convenience point of view as a merchant, copy items are easier to handle for me by far. No worries about someone asking for their 3rd replacement item because they 'lost' it, and it is easier to do things like updates or have redelivery terminals.
  4. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: "Phasing Out" the older viewers would also phase out a good number of SL residents who cannot, for a number of various reasons, afford to upgrade their computers at this point when the economy is so bad. I know from some of your previous posts on another thread that you don't care about this, but these people are generally older residents who have been around for a while and spend money in SL and own a lot of public venues. How do these people "spend money in SL" and "own alot of public venues" at 300USD per month for a sim while at same time not being able to af
  5. Modernizing seems like a good idea, but Dx11 and SLI is really just shouting buzzwords. We want better graphics indeed, and improvements do seem to be happening, but while necessary, SL needs a lot more. SL has never catered to gamers or been particulary interesting to them. Over the years I have brought about 2 dozen gamer friends to SL. Want to guess how many stayed? Zero. There wasn't anything to do for them. Some tried themselves at building for a few days, and then went right back to whatever MMO was being played at that time. Most people in SL are here either for creative, social or R
  6. I guess LL is to blame somewhat for not rolling features out in a more polished fashion. People tried out the first mesh viewer and it indeed was more laggy. Reputation ruined and takes a long time to fix. You only get 1 chance at a first impression. Also, what many perhaps don't see is that transition like this may take upwards of 2 years for the effects to be truely felt.
  7. I agree that mesh items should be marked on vendors for the time being at least. SL has an inherent problem that is seems to attract people that, for the most part, are not the 'gamer' type with the appropriate hardware to handle what is essentially the most demanding 'game' out there. If you are here to stay, then getting an appropriate computer at some point seems to be the most logical choice to me. Most people don't go hiking in torn up sandals or heels either, they buy suited shoes. Sure, mesh may have a bug here and there and perhaps not the most polished thing ever yet, but what the
  8. Ich glaube die Wahrscheinlichkeit das ein neuer User den Tip bekommt vielleicht doch mal einen Third-Party-Viewer (mit höheren default settings) zu probieren, ist höher als das da von selbst Einstellungen geändert werden. Ich finde es ein bischen schade das im LL viewer die 'high' settings, nur 1.125 LODfactor haben, aber LL will da wohl lieber auf Nummer sicher gehen.
  9. Thank you! This made my day!
  10. If you can afford it, something like this http://www.ebuyer.com/353789-zoostorm-gaming-desktop-pc-7873-0412# will give you much much better results. There are no 'deals' when it comes to gaming computers. You get exactly what you pay for 99% of the time.
  11. Perhaps i need to have my eyesight checked but i am not seeing the shadows. >.<
  12. Falls du den LODfactor ansprichst, bei Firestorm ist es 2.0 für low, mid und high settings. 3.0 für Ultra. Der LL Viewer ist da konservativer mit 1.125 für die unteren drei stufen und 2.0 bei Ultra. Das mit dem Runterdrehen der lowest LOD wärend des uploads ist sicher ein bischen "quick n' dirty" und nicht die beste Methode wenn man ein hochqualitives Produkt für den Verkauf machen möchte. Falls man aber nur mal schnell was für das eigene zu Hause haben möchte, das auf dem Land nicht all zu viele prims frisst, finde ich es durchaus OK das so zu machen. Wie gesagt, hängt immer von der Objektg
  13. The thing about games usually running much much better than SL is because gamecreators work with a budget of how many polygons, textures etc they have available for each scene based on their minimum and recommended system specs. Even after the fact that games are already build 'to spec', the completed scenes and game are heavily analyzed and optimized. Needless to say, that with big titles, even nVidia and ATI tweak their drivers to make those games run better on their cards. SL really is getting none of that, plus it is lacking modern technologies that help to make it 'look good' while keep
  14. Gut gemachtes Video! Ich habe mir die in-world tools noch nie angesehen, von da her fand ich es sehr informativ. Als kleinen Tip könnte man eventuell beim Upload bei lowest LOD einfach auf 0 triangel stellen. Dann bricht der Sessel zwar ab einer gewissen Distanz komplett weg, das sollte aber bei halbwegs normalen Grafikeinstellungen (Lodfactor ~2.0) keine grosse Rolle spielen. Ich vermute dann würde er nur 1 LI kosten. Der Trick funktioniert jedoch nur bis zu einer Objektgröße von 5.43m radius (6x6x6 bounding box), danach werden höhere LODs zur Berechnung des LI herangezogen.
  15. Not sure what i would do in your situation. Perhaps trying to be upfront about it and sending them your correct ID, maybe along with the ID you used to age verify and a signed statement by your friend that you used their ID it with permission because their stupid was borked could work. If you live in Austrialia, i somewhat doubt they would send CIA bodysnatchers after you for using your friends ID.
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