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  1. **these are merely expressions of my thoughts and what ive seen and learned there is no disrespect, hate, love, ect meant, purely sharing*** the thing is nyxie, is there is no telling if you are a legit person wanting to do this, or one of those fakes that just want someone else to pay for their sl, sadly from what i have seen in sl... findom is kinda ruined by the people who merely want to do it, act a somewhat dom(mee) to pull em in, suck em dry and then don't give the sub any more attention till more lindens are involved and given there are rlv collars that can just take lindens automatically.. well in sl its kinds farked imo, thats why i always tell people, if ya really wanna do findom, don't let rlv do it, find a way with your dom(mee) findom is just one of meny kinks, surely a dom(mee) would undersand a sub wanting to play it safe as this is real money not to mention, if it was irl, it would be willingly handed over (if im understanding the whole findom irl thing, im not expert and im not into it, i just research alot of things) ..all for a virtual world... so, don't get so rawr faced when people in a broad community do not take ya serously, we do not know if you are or are not legit, better place for this might be a findom group or sim to look ya know
  2. form cartel is a name i have not heard of in a long long time, then again, i was not there much, but i had joined along with my rl sis (erika nemeth) its good to see its still around, think the only name i really remember was a guy named trout.. maybe i will have to pop around again just for memory sake not sure yet
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