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  1. Cordelia Serenity

    NEW!!! GP RedLight District

    Gentleman's Paradise is proud to offer you a new venue for girls to work as freelancer escorts and Gentlemen to find girls to play with at the new GP RedLight District Visit our new RedLight Landing Area, inform about the new, exciting place and tp over to a urban venue with full of kinky sex fun. Check out today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/160/245/2364
  2. You know - on Wet Wednesdays our Mini Lap Dances are just 100L$ only ..... but today we also add a Valentine's Special to that bargain - all Lap Dances last for 15 min! So come, grab the awesome deal and let us make you melting while we slide over your lap and make your pants getting tight and your undies wet! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/157/94/22
  3. Every Tuesday it is TOPLESS TUESDAY at Gentleman's Paradise. Our hot and sexy girls dancing with exposed breasts for you all day long! Firm ***** bounce to the music, nipples are played to harden for your entertainment. Come & enjoy http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/157/94/22
  4. Cordelia Serenity

    Your upper-class Gentleman's Lounge

    GENTLEMAN'S PARADISE is your upper-class, BDSM Lifestyle based, maleDom Gentleman's Lounge and well known to provide first-class Service of a wide range, from Lap Dance over Cam Services up to full BDSM Sessions with RLV. Here you find carefully hand-picked girls, hot, sexy, naughty, but with a lot class and very BDSM Lifestyle versed. We do not play kinky games here - we mean it! Step by for a chat, a flirt, get to know us and find out what Gentleman's Paradise has to offer you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/196/86/22 Or visit our Website for more information about our weekly events, our special offers, our groups and girls: http://gentlemansparadise.org
  5. Gentleman's Paradise is a very exclusive and BDSM Lifestyle based Gentleman's Lounge. We do not play kinky games here, we mean it and offer high-quality Escort Services for dominant, BDSM curious or even vanilla Gentlemen. Here you do not get the usual "BDSM" kink but the real experience. Because we offer the best possible service for our clients we are looking for the best - do you have what it takes to become a GP Girl? We are hiring Cam-, Voice- and Text Escorts (or Exotic Dancers) and offer: 80% of all tips hourly payments a great team of very BDSM versed girls growing BDSM community more benefits like referral bonus or free boards for the hardest working girl caring and hard working owner and manager Basic requirements can be found on our website: http://gentlemansparadise.org/jobs.html or best is to come over, grab the information NC with all requirements and applications and talk to our staff for any questions you may have! Looking forwards to see you at GP http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/196/86/22
  6. Cordelia Serenity

    JOBS for submissive girls!

    Again thank you for sharing your opinion, I always appreciate when people share their thoughts
  7. Cordelia Serenity

    JOBS for submissive girls!

    Dear Klytyna, thank you for your replay, your interest in this topic and sharing your opinion. You know for sure that people always define and name things in different ways so this was what caused your confusion here Some call it "SM Lifestyle", some call it "BDSM Lifestyle". There are several reasons and opinions why that is, but I think it is mostly because "SM" sounds more hard and scaring, "BDSM" sounds more smooth and "not so bad" Also some Lifestyler do not like the "B" in "BDSM" as that stands for Bondage which is a skill but has not much to do with the Lifestyle and how a SM relationship works I hope this clears it a bit But yes, we offer services for ALL Gentlemen, not only for Doms, but also for Vanillas as they just enjoy the company of submissive girls from time to time without getting to deep into it all and also for Gentlemen who are curious about the "SM (or BDSM) thing" For dominant Gentlemen who are in the Lifestyle we offer SM Sessions with RLV included if they wish for it.
  8. Cordelia Serenity

    JOBS for submissive girls!

    Gentleman's Paradise is known to provide the most sexy and SM versed girls on the gird and high-quality services. Do you have what it takes? We are looking for the best and hire Cam-, Voice- and Text Escorts and Dancers. We offer you: 80% of all tips hourly payment more benefits and bonus system free board for the girl with the most booking growing SM community Our basic requirements are: mesh body and bento head, sexy but classy avatar fluently in english (no translators allowed!) SM Lifestyle versed Read more about our basic requirements on our website: http://gentlemansparadise.org/jobs.html Or just come over, grab the information NC with application, join the GP Applicant Group and talk to us! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/197/67/22
  9. Every Wednesday it is WET WEDNESDAY at Gentleman's Paradise .... ... and that means: Lap Dances are JUST 100L$ only (Mini Lap Dance 10 min) - so come and let our hot and sexy girls give you Lap Dance that makes your pants getting tight and your undies wet! We are looking forwards to see you there! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/197/67/22
  10. Every Saturday it is STRIPPIN' SATURDAY at Gentleman's Paradise and that means: Gentlemen - you YOURSELF can strip our girls on stage! Yes - YOU can do that! Make them losing their tops, enjoy them dancing for you with exposed breasts, rip their clothes off till they dance totally naked for you! Just have some great time with arousing, sexy fun ...... Come over and figure out how that works! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/197/67/22 We have several events going on during the week, read more about all constant events GP has to offer on our website: http://gentlemansparadise.org
  11. Gentleman's Paradise is a SM Lifestyle based, maledom Gentleman's Lounge & Escort House, est. since 2016. We are hiring: ♦♦♦ MANAGER / HOSTS / DANCERS / ESCORTS♦♦♦ We offer: • weekly fix payment for Managers & Hosts • hourly payment for Dancers & Escorts • 80% of all tips for all • 90% of Manager & Host tips • Referral bonus • Classy styled place with an exalted, welcoming atmosphere Dominant Gentlemen who would be interested in the Manager / Host Job are very welcome to apply too, for the Dancer / Escort Job we are looking for submissive girls. Come over and talk to us now or grab the information & application NC from the hiring display at the Welcome Gazebo. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/77/66/22
  12. Cordelia Serenity

    Strip the girls on Fridays!

    Every Friday we have our funny "STRIP OUR GIRLS" event at Gentleman's Paradise! Yes Gentlemen, you yourself can strip the girls on stage! Get them topless, rip their clothes off till they dance totally naked for you! Have fun with interacting with our sexy girls who are waiting eagerly for dominant Gentlemen to strip them! Gentleman's Paradise - your upscale Gentleman's Lounge & Escort House, SM Lifestyle based, maledom, english speaking. Visit us: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/87/79/21
  13. Cordelia Serenity

    HIRING submissive females

    Gentleman's Paradise is hiring female Subs as Escorts or Dancers. Voice prefered. We are an upscale Gentleman's Lounge & Escort House, based on the SM Lifestyle and maledom. SM is taken for serious here, we do not play around, we mean and live it. Class, educated behavior and manners are highly valued here. We are looking for submissive females who are in the SM Lifestyle and versed in it. GP is not "just another Escort House". Our honored Gentlemen guests have high demands and we strive hard to fulfill them. You have class, knowledge about the SM Lifestyle, you are a true Sub and want to live your passion to entertain, please and serve dominant Gentlemen and even earn L$ with it? Then we may be the right place for you! Basic requirements can be looked up on our website: http://gentlemansparadise0.webnode.com/jobs/ But best is to come over, have a look around, talk to us and grab an application from the hiring sign at the entrance, right next to the counter. (Please only seriously interested women! We are not the place for wannabes or kinksters who are looking to meet men.) Visit Gentleman's Paradise inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/87/79/21
  14. ♦ Gentleman's Paradise is proud to be SL's only BDSM Lifestyle based Escort House for dominant Gentlemen to meet live and truly submissive girls - no fakes, no kinksters, no gamers - we mean it! • Doms enjoy the company of our very experienced Subs, have a nice chat while you please your eyes with beautiful bodies moved for you in an upscale atmosphere.• If you wish for more our hot girls offer a wide range of Services, from light entertainment on Stage like Striptease or Mini Lap Dance over Private Lap- or Table Dance or up to full BDSM Scenes / Sessions.•For your pleasure and more privacy we have 10 exalted styled Rooms, most filled with the best RLV items.► We want to give dominant Gentlemen the opportunity to profit from and enjoy First-Class BDSM based Services, uncomplicated, without waiting, without the need of commitment, but with enough knowledge to make it real and enough heart to make it a great experience. ► Our girls are carefully handpicked, submissive by heart, into the SM Lifestyle and very experienced. We have the hottest Subs in SL! (We are also hiring submissive females as SM Escorts or Dancers. Check basic job requirements on our website: http://gentlemansparadise0.webnode.com/jobs/ ) Come and meet us today! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Paramount/127/78/21
  15. For our new Gentleman's Club at the new done Gentleman's Paradise we are hiring: Escort Girls & Dancers Gentleman's Paradise is a place for Lifestyler of SM, D/s and M/s and related to dominant Gents and submissive girls. The new Gentleman's Club is a well designed Club with a touch of decadence. We are looking for submissive girls who would like to entertain our dominant Gents and offer them some service. You choos what you want to offer and what to charge for your services. We also have 11 different themed and full furnished Skyboxes (RLV) the Gents can rent for private time. A well thought system in a well styled (BD)SM Club. Come and get more information: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Paramount/105/131/699 or contact Cordelia Serenity inworld.