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  1. TBH I forgot I had it off. It was mostly because the old layout looked really awful from anywhere not on the ground. This one is somewhat better so I'll probably turn it back on for most of the sim.
  2. Hi, I have a tendancy to ramble in forum posts but I'll try and keep this one short, contact me (Nix Marabana in world, notecard or IM) for more details or to discuss the project further. I need to get some animations made for a mesh furisode kimono that uses bento wing bones for the sleeves: I've made my own (very basic) ones at this point, but I'm not happy with them, so I'd like to update them with some animations made by someone who is more skilled with making AO type animations than I am. There are 2 ways we can do this: Way 1: I hire you to make animations for me on a per animation basis. I mainly need to get some good basic walks, stands and sits for the basic priority 2 AO that lives inside the kimono. My files are all in blender, so if you use blender to make animations, I can send you a version of the mesh to animate with. It's mostly important that the animations be smooth, not have too much clipping with the kimono and basically "work" as polite/slightly formal movement in kimono, just so I have a good default in there. If you are interested, please contact me with some idea of pricing (I'd prefer a per-animation quote, or if you're quoting by hour, some idea of how long it takes you to make an animation) and some way to look at examples of your work. (Also, if you look at the mesh and think you have a better way to rig the sleeves, I might be able to change the rigging somewhat to work better with animations) Way 2: (I'd rather do this after I have all of the basics from way 1 already finished, but feel free to chat at me if you'd be interested in doing animations like this anyhow.) If someone who makes AOs would like to make standalone AOs that work with the sleeves of the kimono and sell them separately, I'd be willing to share an animate-able version of the mesh and put your logo/LM near the kimono area of my shop so that people can try out your AO with the kimono once you have them done. If you're interested in doing that, I'd basically want to see that you've already got some kind of animation shop going. Thanks for reading, hopefully I can find someone who's interested in this project. Again, contacting me in-world will probably get a quicker response than replying here. ~Nix (edited to add images)
  3. Pink Fuel had some androgynous skins, I'm not sure they had appliers for the faces though... but they might match with their other skin tones?
  4. Hi there, I'm currently in the process of redoing my sim and adding some rental mainstore buildings. The sim is mostly laid out, all 4 of my mainstores are there (yes, I have 4 mainstores ^.^;;), but I haven't set up all the rent boxes yet and there are still a couple empty spots to fill and some decorating to do. The sim is a bit of an odd mix of asian/western/urban... not quite "cyberpunk" but may lean in that direction. Not sure if that's an aesthetic you can live with, but eh, it's worth a shot (expect there to be more clutter and neon in the final build. Also Dreaming Thicket is pretending to be a city park, from the outside at least.). The style is a bit eclectic, but I'm using mainly newer mesh buildings and decor. If you want to have a look and see if you'd be interested in renting once things are finished setting up (should be in the next couple weeks), the sim is located here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Multitudes/132/128/17 As I've said, I'm still working on finishing it. Any of the empty buildings would be available (and I'd even be willing to move my fullperms stuff or the "rental office" if someone wanted either of those spots) I won't be renting all of the tiny buildings out, just filling them up with "scenery" while mostly renting the larger ones as their own parcels. Rent will probably be reasonably low, since this is more of a space filling than a money making venture for me, although I will be vetting stores to make sure it's quality stuff and not reseller/freebie or anything copyright infringing (I looked at your MP already). My shops already pay for the sim, but there's a lot of space/prims left over, so I thought having some neighbors would be cool. Might eventually organize some sim events, but I'm chronically busy, so I'm not sure if/when I will. If you (or anyone else) is interested, contact me (Nix Marabana) by IM, I should respond within a day.
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