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  1. Well, I found the answer to my issue anyway. As far as i can tell, gross proceeds includes every linden transaction in second life, if someone is giving you lindens for your sim and you process that to USD that counts as profit on your taxes.This changes things quite a bit. I was also sent this: Please be advised that the IRS reporting requirements for Second Life are based on Lindex sells to your USD balance. To receive one: * You must have had at least 200 transactions in the previous year, whose total value is equal to or greater than $20,000 * Your gross proceeds from those transactions exceed the state's threshold (see below for variations by state) State thresholds: Arkansas (AR) - $2,500 District of Columbia (DC) - $600 Massachusetts (MA) - $600 Mississippi (MS) - $600 Missouri (MO) - $1,200 New Jersey (NJ) - $1,000 Vermont (VT) - $600 All other states - $20k
  2. I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue to what I am currently dealing with. I received my 1099-K about a week ago and noticed the numbers on there were way off from what I've personally been keeping track of. There is a $799.52 (additional) difference between the records on the website and the 1099k that I was sent. I contacted concierge help, who told me to contact Tilla which I did through their website. They didn't respond to me so I contacted concierge again after a few days they got me in touch with Tilla. Tilla has been brushing me off for the last week sending a form letters that say "The Form 1099-K reflects your gross proceeds for all Linden sales transactions on the platform—it does not reflect net gain, profit, or anything other than gross proceeds." and "Linden Lab does not provide tax advice". I've tried calculated it several times ways using the information on the top of the Account History/Statements page, including island fees, and never seem to end up at the numbers they sent to me on the form. Unless there is something hidden that I don't know about I'm not sure how they calculated the numbers sent to me.
  3. I gave it a try, the height doesn't seem to make a difference in terms of deformation.
  4. It's a linkset in the beta grid, I tried uploading it as both a linkset and it in 3 separate pieces in the main grid with the same result. Each piece has one face. Vertices Triangles bottom 17861 30640 top 7460 12780 gems 5900 10856 Edit: It uploaded and fits fine with my Maitreya and Slink Dynamic versions, just having this issue with Belleza.
  5. I've been uploading rigged mesh for years now and never ran into this issue. For whatever reason when I upload this rigged hand chain in the beta grid, it looks great. When i upload the same file to the main grid, using the same process and wearing the same mesh body, it's off. I've tried re-attaching it to the skeleton and re-uploading it several time. Anyone ever experience this and was able to fix it?
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