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  1. Yes I did, and Horay! Foold the uploader as you Suggested, added a tiny box, buried it in the roof of the build then attached the Main build to it, and presto, no more upload issues All is happy with the world again, for now Many thanks again for the tip. EDIT: Unfortunatly attaching to Object A is not an option, as it would make the whole object bigger than the 64m upload limit Had originally modeled it as a single object, then found out about the limit so had to break it down into smaller chunks
  2. Thank you for the reply, I think I must be being a little thick here I am not sure I am neccessarily understanding what you mean ofc, but .... If I mirror the object, I get the original object that I copied in the first place, and i know that uploads fine. Breaking it down, I have 2 objects, A and B. Object B is a mirror copy of Object A. Object A uploads no problem. I need Object B to be the mirror of Object A as I have a symetrical build. When I upload Object B I get the DAE Negative Scale issue. If I mirror Object B i get Object A back, if I then apply a mirror to just the verticies, I am back to Object B, and have the same problem uploading again. From the sound of the problem, I can't use a mirrored copy of a part of my build to upload it from Max, as it will produce a Negative Scale Error, so I am going to have to actually build the mirrored part, thus extending the develop time. Making some of the time saving short cuts for big symetrical builds, not worth using.
  3. Maybe part of the problem is that it is a mirror, of another part of the build. But why would it upload before, and not now? Have there been any changes in the upload mechanic? And it maybe that I have to build that section again, if uploading a mirrored piece isn't going to work... *sigh* so much for trying to simplify my build. As there is no way, that I can work out, within SL to mirror an object I can't use the uploaded piece and mirror that within SL to create the other half.
  4. Hi, I've just started getting the same issue, I wondered if anyone had found a solution, or what was causing the problem? I use 3ds Max 2011 x64 to model, and Second Life 3.2.1 (244236) Oct 31 2011 14:19:56 (Project Viewer - Mesh) to upload. The problem I get is: (from the log file) 2011-11-05T15:01:55Z INFO: LLModelLoader::doLoadModel: Collada Importer Version: 1.4.1 2011-11-05T15:01:55Z INFO: LLModelLoader::doLoadModel: Dae version 1.4.0 2011-11-05T15:01:55Z INFO: LLModelLoader::processElement: Negative scale detected, unsupported transform. domInstance_geometry: Shops_n_Dock_02 This particular model I've uploaded before without issue, but now, it's causing a problem, and the only thing I've done to is is delete 4 vertecies to simplify the number of triangles. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don't want to have to re-model that section of the building again.
  5. arton Rotaru wrote: The default Physics Shape type of a mesh is "Convex Hull". Change the Physics Shape type under the Features tab in the the Edit window, to Physics Shape Type "Prim". To get the "Prim" type option you have to assign a physics shape under the "Physics" tab in the upload window. Doh, I knew it was something relatively obvious, thanks for the reply arton.
  6. Just an additional question, along similar lines. I've started playing with meshes for building, and have noticed, maybe it's the way I've imported it, that a mesh with holes, and different heights, seems to import with a bounding box that you walk on, rather than falling through the holes, and going up/down the steps. Any advice as to what I'm doing wrong... I've not started on texturing yet, just want get the meshes right before starting in on that trauma... [i use 3ds Max 2010 to build, and straight export to collada from it, z-up. I build using 1m=1 unit. So that what I build comes in at the right sl scale ]
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